20 Reasons How 5paisa Gives You a Superior Investment Experience

20 Reasons How 5paisa Gives You a Superior Investment Experience

While the world is wondering as where 2020 went by, we at 5paisa were busy making each day count by revamping the mobile app to slashing charges to launching the US investing, 5paisa School, P2P lending and more.

Our ultimate goal has always been to provide a full suite of service while continuing to offer competitive pricing. We kept working and you kept referring 5paisa to your family and friends, eventually making us the fastest growing discount broker that added 1mn clients in just 4 years.

Before we enter 2021, let’s look at 20 advantages of choosing 5paisa over other brokers. In case you’ve missed exploring any, add it to your 2021 bucket list.

1) Real-time portfolio update: Your 5paisa app is the only app that instantly updates Buy or Sell transactions in your Portfolio.

2) Lowest DP transaction charge of Rs.12.5.

3) Lowest AMC in the range of Rs.0 to Rs.25 p.m.

4) Ideas Section: Dedicated advisory and research section in the mobile app. You have one-click access to trading calls for intraday, short term, long term and derivatives strategies.

5) Faster Fund Payouts: Get payout credited to your bank account within 3 hours of your request.

6) Margin funding: Now fund your debit balance and carry for a lifetime.

7) Buy-sell via charts: Yes, now directly place your orders while studying charts on 5paisa app. 

8) In-depth Research: Get exhaustive research, peer comparison, price estimates, comprehensive reports and more for 4000+ companies.

9) Portfolio Analyser: Ultimate tool for NAV based performance tracking of your investments. Get sector breakup, decision analysis, valuation and growth trends.

10) US Stock investment: Invest in US-listed companies at zero brokerage via a paperless investment platform. 

11) Smart Subscription Packs: A great way to grab the 50% discount on brokerage, monthly brokerage cashback, waiver of charges and access to the entire research suite.

12) Robo advisory: Assess your risk appetite, set your goal and find out the best investment avenues recommended by our research team to reach your goal on time.

13) 5paisa School: Build a strong foundation in stock markets by a short and easy to understand micro-courses. Be it technical analysis or Option Trading, learn it all on 5paisa School.

14) Chatbot: Connect with us 24*7 and ensure faster resolution to standard queries without any human intervention.

15) Trading APIs: Take control of your trading strategies using our open APIs available to traders like you, free of cost.

16) E-gold: Build your glittering pile of Gold and sell or convert into jewellery whenever you want. You can accumulate gold with an amount as low as Rs.50.

17) Lending as an investment: Diversify your portfolio by lending on our P2P platform. An opportunity to earn higher returns from 28% - 30% per annum.

18) Insurance: Purchase health, life, term cover for you and your family at affordable premiums by comparing Insurance policies across companies.

19) Personal Loans: Get instant personal loan approval and actual amount credit in the bank account within 24 hours via our P2P platform.

20) Finance Super App: No need to switch between multiple apps. Access all financial products and investments tools on a single app of 5paisa.

Want more features? Just drop in your suggestion below and help us create our project pipeline for 2021.

Happy Investing and a very Happy New Year!

Team 5paisa