5paisa has partnered with Gocharting, an advance charting tool!

5paisa has partnered with Gocharting, an advance charting tool!


GoCharting is an online tool that provides real-time advanced charting services to the crypto traders. 5paisa has partnered with Gocharting, where you can use analytics and a wide variety of metrics on cryptocurrencies. The GoCharting makes it possible for traders to make sound trading decisions, and its features are one of the most inclusive and comprehensive coverages of cryptocurrencies out there. GoCharting’s platform provides one of the most comprehensive free tools in analysis to meet one’s trading analysis needs, it offers imbalance charts, composite and fixed volume profile, session, and best of all, it provides them free of charge and in real-time.


There are some free features it offers such as:

1) One hundred and fifty market indicators

2) Drawing tools to balance out the usage of charts

3) Automatic calculation of the market

4) Calculation of volume profile charts, DOM charts, and price ladders

With 5Paisa integration, we currently provide trading from charts directly in your account with OAuth in the application, which is handy and prompt to use. Also, GoCharting covers more than one hundred cryptocurrency exchanges and provides analysis on more than twenty-two thousand crypto pairs, and its advanced web and mobile-based charting, trading and analytics platform supports all asset classes and multiple exchanges including NSE and MCX. It is the world’s first and only web-based platform that supports Orderflow Charting on the web.

Here you can find 14+ Simple and Exotic Chart Types: GoCharting boats of the most advanced Renko, Kagi, LineBreak, Elder Impulse and Point & Figure charts on the web with deep customization abilities-

100+ Drawing Tools: Name any drawing tool of your choice and you will find it in GoCharting. The level of customizations on GoCharting is simply unparallel and every drawing tool support keyboard shortcuts for extra precision

Advanced Scaling: Capable of supporting multiple scales including linear, log, square root, inverse and dual scales, it provides traders additional precision views with tools such as Lock Aspect Ratios, Drawing Magnet Modes, Edge Coordinates, layered charting objects, context menus and time zones

Multi-Charts and Cloud-based storage: You can create custom layouts with multiple charts and save your layouts, indicators, drawings and templates on the cloud. You can also export the data from the chart to an Excel

Advanced Watchlist: GoCharting comes with an advanced watchlist for its users with multiple views and settings. It comes with customizable lists, a daily candle screen, and heatmap views. You can create multiple watchlists and bookmark your favourite stocks

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