FAQs of PlusOne Account

FAQs of PlusOne Account

  1. Who can open a PlusOne Account?
    Any married 5paisa user can open a PlusOne Account for their husband or wife.

  2. How will I open the PlusOne Account?
    Follow these easy steps and you can open your PlusOne Account-
    - Login to your account and go to the ‘My Profile’ section
    - Go to the "PlusOne Account" tab and enter your husband/wife’s name and mobile number
    - Then, accept the declaration and proceed
    - Enter your husband/wife’s PAN and Bank details
    - Enter your husband/wife’s Aadhar number and link it through Digilocker
    - Take a selfie
    - E-Sign the form

  3. Are there any charges associated with opening the PlusOne Account?
    There are absolutely no fees incorporated with the opening of the PlusOne Account at 5Paisa.  

  4. What additional documents are required for opening the PlusOne account?
    No additional documents are required except the PAN, Aadhar, and Bank details of your partner for opening the PlusOne account.

  5. What are the benefits of opening the PlusOne Account?
    Having a 5paisa PlusOne account will benefit you to open an account free of cost with zero commission. Your traded orders will be executed at 50% off i.e. ₹10 per trade. Also, you can invest in the mutual funds with zero fees and can earn 1-2% profit* every year., 

  6. Will the Primary account get any benefit from the PlusOne Account?
    No, only the PlusOne account will be eligible for the benefits like 50% off on brokerage charges, etc. 

  7. For how long will benefits be given to the PlusOne account holder?
    For as long as the associated Primary account is active, the benefits will be given to the PlusOne account holder. 

  8. Will my user ID and Password be different from my Partner’s PlusOne account?
    Yes, the User ID would be different for the existing Demat account and PlusOne account. Password would be known only by its account holder.

  9. Can I trade using my partner’s PlusOne account?
    You cannot trade using your spouse’s PlusOne Account

  10. Can I convert my existing Demat account to PlusOne account?
    No, you cannot convert your existing Demat accounts to PlusOne accounts. It is just an extension account to your all-in-one 5paisa Demat account for your spouse/partner. 

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