FAQs of Youngvestor Demat Account

FAQs of Youngvestor Demat Account

  1. What is a Demat Account?
    A Demat account deals in buying and selling financial securities in the digital format and allows the user to trade in the Stock Market in India. You can trade stocks, mutual funds, commodities, derivatives, future & options, etc.

  2.  What is a Youngvestor Demat account & who is it for?
    A Youngvestor’s account is exclusively for those youngsters who see opportunities and want to explore more about the trade mechanism of the stock market. Any individual who is in the age group 18-23 years can apply for it and get access to the stock market trading platform.

  3. How Youngvestor Demat is different from the regular Demat account?
    A Youngvestor Demat account is especially for individuals who are between the age of 18 to 23 years old and can enjoy certain leverages like no AMC, no charges on delivery & intraday trade, etc. while a regular Demat account is a usual Demat account like everyone has in common.

  4. How to open the Youngvestor Demat account?
    With these easy steps, you can open your Youngvestor Demat Account-
    - Go to https://www.5paisa.com/youngvestor-demat-account
    - Enter your mobile number and use the code ‘YOUNGVESTOR’, click on submit
    - Then, enter your PAN card number and bank details
    - Enter your Aadhar number and link it through Digilocker
    - Take a selfie and upload it on the portal
    - Upload your e-signature
    - You’re all set to learn & trade via your Youngvestor’s Demat account.

  5.  What are the features of having a Youngvestor’s account?
    a) Early Investment: For investment, age shouldn’t be a barrier, moreover, early age investing is like covering the future. It is one of the benefits millennials can have as it gives the opportunity for you to learn and earn at the same time.
    b) Zero Brokerage: There will be no brokerage charges on equity or delivery of the stocks. A Flat ₹ 20 per order will be levied on equity derivatives trading.
    c) Direct Access to Mutual Funds schemes: Get an ample number of Mutual Fund Schemes through your Youngvestor’s account and start diversifying your investment in the large areas of finance.
    d) Multi-Channel Support: You can open your Demat account through smartphone, laptop, desktop, call centers, or using your own APIs.
    e) Portfolio Analytics: You can have a detailed analysis of your portfolio on the 5Paisa’s dashboard or on the application. Also, you’ll be able to see the suggestions/recommendations based on your risk appetite to improve your portfolio’s performance. 

  6. What are the benefits of opening a Youngvestor Demat account with 5Paisa?
    You can avail the following benefits while having a Youngvestor Demat with 5Paisa-
    - No Account opening fee
    - No Annual Maintenance charges are required
    - No brokerage will be charged on Equity Delivery, intraday orders & mutual fund investments.

  7. What are the charges for opening the Youngvestor Demat account?
    The account opening is non-chargeable at 5Paisa. You will need to submit your documents and you can start trading as soon as your account is activated.

  8. What will be my brokerage charges in a YoungVestor’s Demat Account?
    You will not be charged for delivery, intraday & mutual funds. In the case of selling the stocks, you’ll be charged ₹5 per scrip per day as DP transaction charges. While you’ll be charged ₹20 per order when you trade in derivatives.

  9. Estimated time for opening the Youngvestor Demat account with 5Paisa?
    The Youngvestor Demat account can be activated in just a couple of minutes post submitting all the documents on the portal.  

  10. Which market can I have access to when I hold the Youngvestor’s Demat account?
    All the markets including Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, MCX, F&O, and Currency are accessible for you to trade and invest in with Youngvestor’s account.

  11. What will happen to my Youngvestor Demat account when I turn 24?
    After turning 24, your Youngvestor Demat account will be converted to the standard Demat account like for regular traders and investors. 

  12. Who will manage my Youngvestor Demat account and orders?
    Managing your Youngvestor Demat account is something that is in your hand to handle and trade accordingly. And for further related queries write to us at support@5paisa.com to serve you better. 

  13. What documents do you need to open your Youngvestor Demat Account?
    You need a PAN Card, Bank details, Aadhar card, and e-signature to open your Youngvestor Demat account. 

  14. How is 5paisa Capital different from other brokers?
    The only platform which is beginning its focus to make the young generation learn about trading and gain that experience via Youngvestor’s Trading Demat account. Being the fastest growing discount broker firm and ranked in the top 10 discount brokerage firms. 5Paisa’s turnover is over 30,000 Cr+, holds 450,000+ clients and 17 million+ app users. The company is backed by IIFL, which is India's leading diversified financial services company.

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