FAQs on QuanTower Trading Platform

FAQs on QuanTower Trading Platform

1. What is the Quantower Trading Platform at 5paisa?
Quantower Trading Platform is an advanced platform and an extension to 5paisa that enables users to do trading through their desktops/laptops. It is a full-featured platform covering the global markets and trading in different segments including FX, ETFs, and F&O. With real-time reliable data access and quick execution of profitable trades, Quantower provides everything that you ever require to have a good trading experience. 

2. How to download & log in to Quantower Trading Platform?
It is easy to download and run the Quantower Trading Platform on your device. Use this link to download- https://www.5paisa.com/technology/quant-tower-exe 
Once the application is downloaded and installed on your desktop/laptop, follow the steps given below-
- Register yourself by filling in the basic details
- Verify your email via the verification link sent to your mail 
- Now you can log in to your Quantower account

3. How to connect the Quantower Trading Platform to 5paisa Demat account?
   Once you have logged in to Quantower Platform, follow the steps listed below-
- Go to the Connections tab, and tap on 5paisa.
- Log in with your 5paisa Demat account credentials (ID, password & DOB)
- Save the token for easy login throughout the day so that you do not have to log in repeatedly for the day.

4. Are there any charges levied by the Quantower Trading Platform? If yes, what are the charges for trading at Quantower with 5paisa?
5paisa offers a free version of the platform for all users. Users need not pay anything to use most of the trading features including live and historical market data. But to further unlock the other features, there is a basic & all-in-one upgrades available on the platform to give you a more dignified trading experience.

Refer to this link to know more about pricing at Quantower Platform- https://quantower.in/pricing

5. What is the premium or paid features of the platform?
Apart from the free version, Quantower has some features which can be subscribed to for advanced analytics and trading experience.

Price(per month)
Premium Package
Basic, Volume Analysis (OrderFlow Analysis), TPO (Market Profile), Power Trade Scanner (Large volume trades), DOM Surface (Market Depth Visualization), Options Analytics, Premium Indicators & Trading Signals
All-in-One Package
Covers all the features
5paisa Exclusive Package
₹1200 for each segment of NSE. 
NSE-CM, NSE-FO, NSE-CD& MCX will be available soon. 

To get more information regarding pricing, visit the link here.

6. What are the free and paid premium features of the platform?
Following is the list of comparisons between the basic and premium features of the platform-

7. Can we do algo/automated trading through the Quantower Trading Platform on 5paisa?
Yes, Quantower provides an Open API solution to create any indicators or strategies using C# programming. Also, you can check out the API documentation from https://api.quantower.com/

8. Do you have a Youtube/Telegram channel to have a better understanding of the mechanism of the Quantower Trading Platform?
Yes, there are both youtube and telegram channels available, and here are the links-

Quantower Youtube Channel- https://bit.ly/3cnEkxe
Quantower Telegram Channel- https://bit.ly/3Vaf92l

9. How to connect to the Quantower Trading Platform support team?
Quantower support is available between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Friday) via online chat on the website. You can also send an email query/question to support at support@quantower.in or via offline message on the website www.quantower.in

10. Does Quantower Platform provide a free trial?
When you download and register on the Quantower application, you’ll be given free access for 5 days to explore the platform at best.

11. Does Quantower Trading Platform support Mac or Linux?
Quantower Application only works on Windows. Recommended OS version is Windows 10 or 11

12. What is the System Configuration Required to run Quantower Trading Platform?
As for the System Configuration, the recommended configuration for Quantower Trading Platform is an i5 or equivalent machine, followed by 8 GB RAM, and 256 SSD Drive for better performance.

13. What order types one can execute through the Quantower Trading Platform?
Quantower provides users with multiple order types for the trade execution such as Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, Bracket Orders & Cover Orders.

14. How to place orders using the chart on the Quantower Trading Platform?
Quantower terminal allows you to place an order with the help of the charts where the order can be placed with one or two clicks. Also, modification/cancellation and complete order management can be done from the charts themselves.

15. How to create a customized workspace (Bind or Unbind) on the Quantower Platform?
Quantower provides complete flexibility to create your own custom workspaces, bind, templates, etc. For a complete video guide please click here-  https://youtu.be/PdJ0AkkA89Q

16. How to update the Quantower Platform?
The new updates on Quantower are automatically notified. Quantower has a Beta version and a Production version. Beta versions are updated regularly as compared to the production version. Beta users can access new features that are added earlier https://youtu.be/L21kFXQaWQ0

17. How to load default templates for 5paisa on the Quantower desktop application?
There are default templates created for 5Paisa in Quantower with the name '5Paisa.' However, in Quantower one can design custom screens as per your interest, effortlessly. 

18. How to access the URLs for features like add/withdraw funds, margin pledge, edits, etc on the Quantower Platform?
5Paisa panel in Quantower allows you to view the Ledgers, Historical Trade Details, Add/Withdraw Funds, EDIS, Margin Pledge, etc.

19. How to create synthetic symbols and trade Quantower Platform?
The synthetic symbols panel in Quantower is designed to create a multi-legs spread or pairs in any asset class. Once the Synthetic spreads are created, one can add the Synthetic symbols to the watchlist, monitor time & sales data, view intraday candle stick/bar charts for spreads and also place one-click market orders for the spreads. Please click here to learn more about synthetic symbols and trade. https://youtu.be/7GoQ09aZdFo

20. How to place a basket order on the Quantower Platform?
Using the Multiple Order Entry Panel in Quantower, one can create multiple baskets, manage the baskets and place different types of orders that are supported by the broker https://youtu.be/h7QpoCEvVQw

21. How to see available margin information on the Quantower Platform?
In the account info panel in Quantower, you will find all the details related to Balances, Margin Utilized, Realised and Unrealised PnL, etc.

22. How to use BO and CO orders in the Quantower Platform?
BO & CO Orders can be placed from the Order Entry Window as well as from the Charts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dPLUY3cePM

23. What is DOM Trading on the Quantower Platform?
DOM trading is a feature in Quantower that allows you to view the market depth via ladder mode and place one-click orders. https://youtu.be/KpEO48wF_X0

24. What are TPO/Market Profile charts in Quantower Platform?
Time Price Opportunity or TPO Chart also known as Market Profile, shows the price distribution during the specified time, thus forming a profile. This allows you to understand at which levels or ranges the price has spent the most time, as well as to determine the main support and resistance levels. https://youtu.be/BcDCx0tzlRA

25. What are DOM surface Charts in Quantower Platform?
DOM Surface charts is a market depth visualization tool with trades and orders data. This tool allows you to understand the large buy/sell limit orders sitting on the order book of the exchange. https://youtu.be/DokWC7aIPM4

26. How to create option strategies and trade with one click on the Quantower Platform?
Quantower Feature Option Watchlist allows the creation of custom strategies on the fly and executes them for all the legs. For a better understanding, you can refer to the video here.