FAQs on Two Factor Authentication(2FA)

FAQs on Two Factor Authentication(2FA)

Q 1) What is two-factor authentication(2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a security feature where a customer needs to fulfill the two authentication criteria to login into a system. This feature is built based on the following elements-
  1. Knowledge factor (something only the user knows): - e.g., Password, PIN.
  2. Possession factor (something only the user has): - e.g., OTP, security token, authenticator apps on smartphones, etc. In the case of OTP, the same will be sent to our clients through both email and SMS on their registered Email ID and Mobile number
Q 2) Why do I need two-factor authentication in 5paisa?

The two-factor authentication for login sessions in 5paisa has to be implemented for all orders originating using our trading platform. In compliance with the new NSE circular no 36/2022 on increasing the security of your trading account. This move will add another security layer to your trading account against unauthorized access.

Click here to read the circular 

Q 3) For whom this two-factor authentication is applicable?

This feature applies to all internet-based platforms.

Q 4) Is two-factor authentication mandatory for all?

Yes, it is compulsory for everyone otherwise you cannot access the trading platform.

Q 5) What is the user ID while login into the 5paisa portal?

In your user ID section, you can add your email address, client ID, or mobile number.

Q 6) How do I set my PIN? 

Following is the process to set up the two-factor authentication PIN in your device-
  • Put the User ID 
  • Enter OTP that you’ll receive on your mobile number and email address
  • Add the Date of birth(DOB)
  • Enter the PIN of your choice 
  • Setup the PIN
Q 7) What is the process to change my PIN? 
  • Login to your 5Paisa account & Go to my profile section 
  • Click on the settings option  
  • Click on change pin and then reset your 6-digit PIN
Q 8) What would happen if I link my device? 

Linking devices would give you a faster login experience where you do not have to keep putting in your One time password(OTPs) repeatedly. Instead, you can get access to your trading portal instantly by just entering your PIN at the time of every login.

Q 9) How to link the device while login? 

For Linking the device, while login, you need to validate by clicking in the Checkbox as shown below:

Q 10) Where will I receive my login OTPs?

You will receive OTPs on your registered Mobile number and Email address.

Q 11) Do we have to use a password while login?

No, you do not need to use the password. Now the passwords have been replaced with the 6-digit PIN for a faster login to your trading platform. 

Q 12) What if I want to change my Mobile number or Email address?

If you want to change your mobile number, follow these steps-
  • Go to My profile
  • Click on your name at the top of the screen
  • Click on the ‘Modify’ option in the top right corner
  • Under the ‘User Information' section, you will see the options to edit your profile 
  • Change mobile number or email address accordingly
For Changing Email ID/ Mobile no. Click here

Q 13) What if I do not link my device or login through another device?

In such a scenario, the moment when the login session expires, you will have to repeat all the processes by putting OTP, and PIN again, which will make your work tedious and time-consuming.