How to Apply for Reliance Rights Issue?

How to Apply for Reliance Rights Issue?

Reliance has announced Rs 53,125-crore rights issue to its existing shareholders on rights basis to cut the debt at the group level and upheld promoters' faith in the Reliance growth story. 

Details of Rights Issue 


1:15 i.e. One share for every 15 shares held

Issue Price

₹ 1257

Issue Period

20 May, 2020 to 03 June, 2020

RE Trading Period

20 May, 2020 to 29 May, 2020

Credit of right shares

11 June, 2020

Listing date

12 June, 2020

As an investor, you may opt for the following:

A. Apply for the rights issue 
B. Renounce the rights i.e. Sell your rights entitlement to an interested buyer 

A. How to Apply for the Reliance Rights Issue?
Investors can make the application through either of the following processes: 
1) Online application facility provided by Registrar
2) Physical application with ASBA blocking (ASBA process) 

1) Process for Online Application using the website of Registrar
a) Visit Register your email id and mobile number 
b) Provide Correct DP ID, Client ID, Folio number (for shares physically held) and PAN details and all other details sought for while submitting the online Application Form by you
c) You can now apply for rights on the same website by making online payment using internet banking or UPI facility from your own bank account only. 
d) Applications made by using the payment from third party bank accounts will be rejected.
  • You are requested to enable your internet banking or UPI facility of your respective bank accounts and maintain sufficient bank balance. 
  • If you wish to renounce the right, you will have to select the category of ‘Renouncee’ at the application page of R-WAP and provide DP ID, Client ID, PAN, other required demographic details for validation along with total number of Rights Equity Shares to be applied for.
2) Process to be followed by the clients for making ASBA Application (Physical Form): 
In case of any issues faced in the above process or otherwise, you may also apply for the rights issue in a physical mode whereby you will receive the application form on your registered email id from the registrar or can be download from and submitted to your bank after filling the required details and signing. 

B. Process to Renounce the rights i.e. Sell your rights entitlement to an interested buyer: 
You may sell your rights entitlement to any interested buyer by opting for On Market Renunciation by adhering to the following process:
  • You may renounce your Rights Entitlements, credited to your respective demat accounts by trading / selling them on the secondary market platform of the Stock Exchanges through a registered stock broker. 
  • You will have to do so through their registered stock brokers by quoting the ISIN INE002A20018 and indicating the details of the Rights Entitlements you intend to sell. You can place order only to the extent of Rights Entitlements available in your demat account.
  • The Rights Entitlements are tradable in dematerialized form only. 
  • The market lot for trading of Rights Entitlements is 1 (one) Rights Entitlements and shall take place only during the Renunciation Period i.e., from Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to Friday, May 29, 2020 (both days inclusive). 
  • The On Market Renunciation shall take place electronically on the secondary market platform of BSE and NSE under automatic order matching mechanism and on ‘T+2 rolling settlement basis’. 
  • The transactions will be settled on a trade-for-trade basis. 
  • STT at 0.05% of the value of RE is levied on the seller of the RE.

Shareholders with less than 15 shares will be given preferential allotment if they apply for one rights share. 
If the shareholding of any Eligible Equity Shareholder is less than 15 equity shares or not in the multiple of 15, the fractional entitlement shall be ignored.

However, the Shareholders whose fractional entitlements are being ignored will be given preferential consideration for the allotment of 1 (one) additional Rights Equity Share each if they apply for additional Rights Equity Shares over and above their rights entitlement.

The following are important points wrt to trading in Reliance Rights Entitlement.
  • Clients can sell Rights Entitlements only to the extent of Rights Entitlements available in their demat account.
  • The scrip is traded in T2T. Thus, no intraday allowed.
  • Applicable margin for right entitlement shall be 100%.
  • Any shortages in rights entitlement shall be directly closed-out at the highest price of rights entitlement prevailing across the Exchanges from the day of trading till the T+1 day or 20% above the settlement price of rights entitlement on the T+1 day, whichever is higher.
  • Only clients who wish to apply in rights issue should buy and clients who do not wish to apply may sell ( renounce) their RE. Clients should not try to trade for short term gains. The basic purpose of this mechanism is for rights renunciation and not trading. The trading is available for a limited period of  9 days wef 20th May 2020 and the scrip will be suspended wef 30th May 2020.
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