Important Changes in view of Short Margin Penalties

Important Changes in view of Short Margin Penalties

Dear Customers,

In view of Margin penalties which are charged by exchange we have made the following changes in our system in the interest of customers so as to mitigate the cases which result in short/peak margin penalties.

Auto square-off position of clients who are in Margin shortfall

Effective from 6th January 2023, we will be constantly observing clients who are coming in shortfall and having negative margins.
As soon as a client falls in shortfall they will be communicated via SMS/Email for the amount of shortfall with a timeline of 30 Mins to make margin availability either by adding shortfall funds into trading account from bank account or by squaring off the position
On failure of client to clear shortfall within stipulated time, our system will automatically square off client’s position so as to save client from short margin penalties

Happy Investing!!

Warm Regards,
Team 5paisa