Introducing a time-based one-time password (TOTP) for quick logins

Introducing a time-based one-time password (TOTP) for quick logins

We are pleased to announce that the TOTP login has been implemented to improve your login experience at 5paisa. This makes you independent for the safest login, with an extra layer of security to your trading app. Even if you do not have access to the SMS/email, this login will still work, and the Google Authenticator app (where the TOTP will generate) can provide time-based passwords offline.

What is TOTP?

TOTP is a Time-based One-Time Password, one of the OTP authenticators that requires you to add OTP every time you log in to your trading device. It is a type of 2FA authenticator but differs from regular OTP, which delivers through email or text. TOTP can be sent to any apps or devices that accept it (in 5paisa, TOTP generates via the Google Authenticator app) and is valid for 30 seconds, which refreshes automatically. 


As one of its authentication factors, TOTP generates a temporary password in real-time, which adds an extra layer of security to your trading app; even a hacker cannot access your device. As soon as TOTP is enabled, your account will be logged out from all the existing devices automatically.

How to Setup TOTP?

You can enable or disable TOTP as per your preference. The below-mentioned flow will help you to land on the TOTP setup page on the 5paisa web portal-

Go to Tradestation >> Users >> Settings >> Profile >> Click on TOTP (Enable External OTP)

Once you enable TOTP, you will need to follow the below step-by-step guide and activate it on your 5paisa mobile app. 

How to enable TOTP?

Step 1: Generate OTP

Once you click on the 'Enable External TOTP' button, you will be directed to the following step, where you will need to generate the OTP via email/SMS. 

Step 2: Pin Verification

After successfully generating the OTP, enter the 6-digit unique PIN for the verification process. 

Step 3: QR and TOTP Verification

Upon clicking the Verify button, a page with the ‘QR code’ and manual key-based PIN verification will appear. Scan the QR code via the authenticator app to generate a time-based one-time password (TOTP) and enter the code under ‘Enter TOTP’

Take a Note: 

  • If you enter a wrong/expired PIN, the error message will pop up, and you need to re-enter the PIN and try again.

  • If you tap on the back button, then you have to repeat the process again.

Step 4: TOTP Successfully Enabled

Once you complete the TOTP process successfully, click on the OK button and all devices will be logged out from the platform, allowing you to log in again and a pop-up will appear regarding successful TOTP (refer to the image below)

Why should you enable TOTP?

  1. TOTP login is more convenient as compared to the traditional OTP method because you do not require access to your phone for the OTP purpose repeatedly. Also, you can use the authenticator app and get offline TOTPs for a faster login process.

  1. When TOTP is enabled, you can log in via TOTP or a fingerprint sensor

  1. You can even enable TOTP through the 5paisa App, the flow is as follows-

In APP Settings >> Under Account Settings there will be a TOTP button, along with its status i.e. ON/OFF 

How to disable TOTP?

For disabling the TOTP you need to repeat the flow as shown below-

Go to Tradestation >> Settings >> Profile >> Click on Disable External TOTP

Step 1: 2FA TOTP

After clicking on the option to disable the external TOTP a pop-up message will appear, tap on the ‘Disable’ button to move forward. 

Step 2: OTP & PIN Generation and Verification

Once you click the 'disable' button, you’ll be redirected to the screen to generate the OTP and verify. Enter the OTP and required PIN, and your time-based one-time password authorization will be disabled. Press on the ‘Okay’ button as shown below, and all the existing log-ins on your platforms will be discontinued, then you can re-login to the platform with the pin

How to reset the TOTP?

For resetting TOTP, first, you need to disable the TOTP and set it again by following the aforementioned procedure. 

To summarize, TOTP is the best security measure for your trading app, since it updates every 30 seconds and is accessible offline as well. 

Enable the TOTP now and discover your safest trading journey with 5paisa!