Introducing Advanced Strategies at 5paisa

Introducing Advanced Strategies at 5paisa


Strategies are essential, and so is their time of execution. Most traders miss them just because they lack in matching the market hours and backtesting it. According to experts, traders should limit risking their total trading capital to over 2% on a single trade. If this is not followed, they might lose a good chunk of their trading amount. Therefore, tools like ‘Advanced Strategies’ on your bucket list will help you overlook the market’s uncertainty and act accordingly.

What is Advance Strategies at 5paisa?

Advance Strategies is an exclusive feature on the 5paisa portal that provides automatic strategy execution of pre-build strategies to the users. This is designed to analyse the market condition and takes trades through the strategies set based on the algorithm. The users can subscribe to this feature and take advantage of it. 


The main focus of building Advanced Strategies is to ensure traders save their time, and have easy access to daily strategy builds. They are made to automatically execute strategies that are well-designed and adaptable to market conditions and take trades. All you have to do is subscribe to the strategy and the trades will be automatically placed for you.

Types of Advanced Strategies

Straddle Strategy- Straddle strategy involves selling a call and a put of the same strike price. This strategy mostly works when the market is sideways (when the market is not consistent and no clear trends are found in the market) 

During the execution of the strategy, the following parameters are to be considered:
  • Strategy Idea- It benefits from sideways markets
  • Strategy Type-  Option Selling (Intraday)
  • Instrument-  BankNifty
  • Min Investment- ₹1,60,000
Super trend Strategy- It is an indicator that signals the right time to enter into trade whether it is buying or selling and the trend is plotted above or below the closing price. This strategy usually makes a profit out of Directional Markets. 

During the execution of the strategy, the following parameters are to be considered:
  • Strategy Idea- It benefits from directional markets.
  • Strategy Type- Option Selling (Intraday)
  • Instrument- BankNifty
  • Min Investment- ₹1,60,000
The combination of the above two strategies helps you to take benefit from both the Directional and Sideways markets.

The Flow for Executing your Strategies-

How to subscribe to Advanced Strategies?

Following is the step-by-step guide for subscribing to the Advance Strategies:

For Mobile
  1. Login to the 5paisa App
  2. Go to the ‘Idea’ Section
  3. Go to Advanced Strategies
  4. Click on Deploy
  5. Select Capital/Multiplier
  6. Click on 'Deploy Strategy'
  7. Click 'Yes' and Accept the terms and conditions
For Web 
  1. Log in to 5paisa web portal
  2. Tap on FnO 360 appearing on the top right corner on the web
  3. Click on Smart Strategies icon on the left side navigation bar
  4. Go to Advanced Strategies option
  5. Click on Explore now  
You’re all set, just log in once at 9:15 AM during the market days and your strategies will automatically place to trade. 

For mobile, just logging into app will help and for web, click on 'Explore Now' button for automatic order placement. Also note logging into one of the platforms should suffice.

Take a Note: 
  1. You will be charged ₹20  extra per order apart from your existing brokerage charges
  2. You need to log in to the mobile app or web portal daily for the automatic order placement before 9:15 AM (If you missed logging in any day, the strategy will not be fetched and activated trades will not be placed)
  3. Make sure you have a minimum of ₹1,60,000 balance in your trading account for the seamless advanced strategy execution
  4. Once orders are placed you cannot modify or square off them through advanced strategy.
If you’re an options trader and looking for a tool that works on your behalf and time the market when it is in your favour, subscribe to advanced strategy now! 

Read the terms & conditions here