Introducing partnership with Algobulls at 5paisa

Introducing partnership with Algobulls at 5paisa


5paisa makes Algo trading simple and easy for you. Glad to introduce Algobulls on our platform to help you turn your stock market view into the most profitable Algo trading strategy.
AlgoBulls is a trading platform that provides 100% automated trading algorithms and has the ability to deploy multiple trading strategies for various asset classes like Equity, Commodities and Futures & Options. Clients can select the algorithm strategies they want to follow and auto trade, they can also create their own strategies and deploy them in the live markets.
Algobulls offers a plethora of features, thus offering you a never-before user experience-
1) Choose Strategy - There are multiple algo strategies on AlgoBulls. Users can select according to their type of trading techniques, that which algorithmic strategy they want to follow and auto trade, that contains-
> Retail: For individuals aiming to make it big in the capital market. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or an expert in trading because with AlgoBulls carefully curated trading algos, you get the chance to hit the home run in the market.

> Premium: Trade through F&O, Commodity, & Forex with the powerful and rugged trading algos at AlgoBulls. This is the scientific approach for the highly pulsating trading world.
> High Net worth individual: Be it F&O or commodity trading, you can derive assured benefits from the capital market with our robust AI-driven trading algos designed for the specific demands & risk appetite of the HNI clientele.

2) Built Strategy - AlgoBulls provides build services where you can build your own strategy, this is coded and developed by the AlgoBulls developers that connect you to the expert algorithmic advisory. It also includes a variety of builds such as:
> Pro Build - Do you have great trading strategies but lack coding skills? We’ve got you covered with AlgoBull’s Pro Build approach, get your winning trading strategies coded by our in-house experts and delivered to you!
> Python Cloud Build - COMING SOON- Bring out the coder in you with the Python Cloud Build! Code your own strategy, leveraging AlgoBull’s tech to support your exclusive trading strategies. Give the inner techie in you a shot at creating powerful trading codes. Code directly on AlgoBulls website without having to install Python or any other software locally on your laptop.
> Python Desktop Build - Connect your system with the AlgoBulls server with a unique API key. This helps you utilize the AlgoBulls platform to uniquely code in Python and set up your trading strategies for your desired results. All you would need to do is install Python & other necessary software on your laptop.

Benefits of Algobulls for 5Paisa Users:
  1. Quick and easy registration
  2. Seamless binding with 5paisa with daily OAuth
  3. Monitor trades with 5paisa
  4. Complete transparency  
  5. Quick execution of trades
5paisa integration features and steps to get started.

This section will take you through the step-by-step instructions to log in, setup, and bind 5 Paisa into your AlgoBulls Account.

Keep the following information available before you start:

1) AlgoBulls Account Credentials

● Phone Number
● Password
2) Broking Account Credentials

● Encrypted EMail
● Encrypted Password
● Encrypted DOB

To encrypt your credentials perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your encryption key
  2. Enter your email
  3. Enter your password
  4. Enter your DOB in YYYYMMDD format (If your DOB is 30-11-2020, then type 20201130 in the given field)
  5. Click Encrypt button
  6. Copy the Encrypted Email
  7. Copy the Encrypted Password
  8. Copy the Encrypted DOB

Let’s Begin:
  1. Visit the AlgoBulls Login Page and click on Sign In with your Broking Account
  2. Type the first few characters of your Broker Name
  3. Select the 5PAISA broker
  4. Click on the Login & Connect with 5PAISA button

Login to your AlgoBulls account. Provide data for the following fields and then click the Login button
  1. Phone Number: The Phone Number you have used to Register/Sign-Up to the AlgoBulls website. 
  2. Password: The password you have given to Register/Sign-Up to the AlgoBulls website.

You will be redirected to the verification page. Provide data for the following fields:
  1. Encrypted EMail: The Encrypted EMail generated by you
  2. Encrypted Password: The Encrypted Password generated by you
  3. Encrypted DOB: The Encrypted DOB generated by you

If the verification is successful, you will see the following message

To Bind your Broking Account:
  1. The following steps will help you to make sure you have binded your broker account
  2. Visit the AlgoBulls Broker Settings Page
  3. Bind your account using the Toggle button marked below

Support: For Help and Support, contact us on +91 80350 73246 or email us.
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