Introducing Quick Bytes in 5paisa School

Introducing Quick Bytes in 5paisa School

We all know how complex financial planning, studying about a company and making investment decisions can get. So to help you making things simpler, we at 5paisa have come up with Quick Bytes - a new segment in 5paisa school that breaks down financial jargons into simplified forms making it easier to digest.

How often do you hear words like “Profit after Tax” “Debt to Equity” “Current Assets”, “Dividend Yield” on business news channels like CNBC or Zee business while analysts are commenting on companies and comparing their performances and understood each bit of it? Or how often do you read about company’s fundamentals on various forum and other platforms and truly understand every word we read?

For non-finance person, understanding financial fundamentals of a company is not as easy as one may think. So you might resort to googling in order to understand but that can get really tedious and time consuming. Furthermore, the accuracy can’t be assured as not every source is dependable. The Quick Bytes section simplifies these complex stories and delivers the gist that is simple enough for a layman to understand.
These articles addresses the topic in a layman’s term in one post. They are designed in ‘1 minute read’ format.

Every day, we post a new term related to the capital markets to understand the industry better. It would help you understand even the tiniest aspects of the industry and companies. It will simplify things for you and make it easier for you to study a company before investing.

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Happy Learning!