Introducing Stocky5 Community: Connect, Learn, Trade & Explore!

Introducing Stocky5 Community: Connect, Learn, Trade & Explore!

Introduction- What is Stocky5 Community?

5Paisa Capital believes in setting new standards in everything we step into and this time, it's STOCKY5 Community!

What could be better than learning and trading together? Stocky5 is all set to launch for trading enthusiasts like you. It is a community application where you can learn, earn, trade, and explore the stock market and other economy-driving news all at once.  

Objectives of Stocky5 Community

We have provided this launch for users to give the best knowledge on trading & learning factors about the stock market, and investments through the Stocky5 Community. 

Following are the objectives to build Stocky5, the largest community app for the stakeholders.

  • Post insights on the Stocks, News, MFs, Commodities, and other finance grinds

  • Like, comment, share & repost the content of your favorite investors/influencers

  • Trade directly through the app (if you’re a Demat account holder at 5Paisa)

  • Stocky5 Community user can also open their Demat account with 5Paisa and trade

Features of Stocky5 Community

To know the subject in a better and more descriptive way, here is the list of our Stocky5 Community features-

  • Trading at Stocky5

    The newest and patented feature of Stocky5 is ‘trading while scrolling’ so you do not miss any latest market updates or anything which is driving the stock market, even in your leisure time.

  • Learn and Earn

    While following the trading gurus you can learn with the stocky5 community app and further can implement those ideas in your trading activity. We’ve opened all the bars for you to explore as much as you want to grow yourself as a trader, investor, or someone whose interest lies in seeing the stock market mechanism.

  • Technical(charts) Analysis
    As Stocky5 Community allows you to trade while exploring, you can also do the technical analysis of the stocks that interest you. Search and go to your desired stock, there you see the past & present performance of the stock via charts which help you decide your next order to trade in.

  • Live Market Updates

    Apart from taking knowledge from each other, you can listen to 5Paisa’s exclusive trade experts in the live section. You can participate in the webinars, listen to the analysis of the stock, etc.

  • Adding Poll

    Another amazing feature of Stocky5 Community is that you can add a poll in the post. This is to know the views of your followers/following by asking any question/discussion. Also, you can add 5 options to it and the poll can last up to 10 days.

  • Connect with the Massive Audience

    Stocky5 Community is all about connecting with the large pool of audiences whose interest lies in stocks, finances, investments, economy, taxes, budgets, foreign markets, cryptocurrency, etc.

  • Meet the Trading Experts

    The large pool of audience will have a chance to e-meet the trading and market experts and can discuss the numerous opportunities and updates related to the financial sector of the country and globally

  • Courses by Finschool

    On Stocky5, we’ve covered the Finschool courses which will be available on the live section of the app. We at 5paisa, always keep the learning and earning perspective which makes our users explore and learn the market with the help of different courses available at 5Paisa Finschool.

What does Stocky5 Community Contain?

  • My feed: All the posts including images, videos, gifs, and polls are visible on the My Feed section on the Stocky5 Community posted by you, your followers, and your followings.

  • Trending: The trending section in stocky5 is all about the buzzing topics that our Stocky5ires are talking about.

  • Live: The live section in the application is all about live webinars, stock updates, summaries, live events, etc. Further, you can browse the courses on Finschool by 5Paisa in the same section and learn about the stock market in detail.

  • Stocks: This category in the application will keep you updated on your preferred and most liked portfolio stocks (up to 5). The stock updates in that section will contain posts, news, live updates, price volatility, etc.

  • Market Commentary: The market commentary is the section where you can see the latest news, which is driving the market like the financial news, stock market, economic factors, banking industry, etc.

  • Notifications: You can check your tags or any recent activity in which you’re involved from the notification section. When your followers tag, like, or comment on your post, reshare your post, etc. it is all visible there.

Guide through Stocky5 Community

  1. How to Set up your Profile
    To set up your profile, you first need to have the 5paisa Trading Application through which you can access Stocky5. Here’s how you do it-

    1. Go to the ‘user’s feed’ and click on Stocky5 

    2. Register yourself with an email ID (for non-Demat account holders) 

    3. Set up your profile and fill in the required information/details  

    4. You’re all set for the Stocky5 Community


  1. Followers/Following

You can see the followers/following by following these steps- 

  1. Go to the My Profile section 

  2. On the right of your profile picture, you can see the followers & following

  1. Posting Content

You can add your content to the Stocky5 Community by- 

  1. Tapping on the plus button appearing at the bottom right of your screen 

  2. Post your content & can use images/videos/gifs to support the content 

  3. Tap on the post button 

  4. Your feed is set to show your posts.

  1. Buying and Selling of Shares(trading)

One of the unique features of the Stocky5 Community is you can simultaneously trade while exploring the trading market. You can trade via Stocky5 in two ways. 


  1. The first is via stocks that are tagged in the post-

  • Tap on the tagged stock

  • You’ll be redirected to the buy/sell customizing page

  • Place your order

  1. The second is by searching the stocks on the portal.

  • Type the stock name in the search bar on the top of your screen

  • You’ll be redirected to the buy/sell customizing page

  • Place your order. 


Where to find us?

Go to 5paisa App >> Click on User Profile >> Click on Stocky5 (beta)


You can directly download it from the Playstore-

How to get started with Stocky5?

Create your User ID >> Select your Avatar >> Follow your favorite topics and stocks to stay updated and you are ready to go!

Note: You need to update your 5paisa app to version 5.0