Introducing Trading View Webhook with 5paisa

Introducing Trading View Webhook with 5paisa

Unlocking the TradingView Webhook feature with 5paisa. With this feature, the traders can place trade orders directly into their 5paisa account on signal generation from the trading view. Adding an alert that you desire is all that you require. 

Webhook with Trading View on 5paisa 

Most traders make use of charts and indicators to trade markets and for that, they have to continuously monitor charts to make trading decisions. As the process is manual, traders tend to miss out on many opportunities. To cater to this problem, we have come up with a Webhook feature where users can convert their trading view alerts for quick trading in their 5paisa account.

What is there for you?

Webhook with Trading View is a potential feature for traders to help them in placing orders. This integrated feature allows the users to execute orders by setting alerts in the trading view. 
  1. This feature will allow users to place trades in their 5paisa account on trading view alerts.
  2. The user doesn’t have to monitor the charts continuously, as soon as the alert conditions are met, trades will be placed in the related 5paisa account.
With automated trade placement, there would be faster execution and no missed opportunity. 

How to navigate to Webhook?

To go to Webhook, follow the steps given below-
  1. Login to your 5paisa account
  2. Tap on FnO 360 icon in the upper right corner
  3. Click on the profile section in the upper right corner 
  4. Click on Webhook
To have a better understanding of how this feature works, check below-

How to use the Webhook feature? 

Follow the below steps after clicking on the Webhook option from the drop-down list-
  1. Select the validity of the Webhook URL i.e. 1 Day/1 Week/2 Weeks/4 weeks as per your trade preference
    Note- If the selected validity is for 1 day then the webhook URL would work for 1 day only. On the next day, the alert will be triggered or sent but the respective order will not be placed as the URL would be expired.

  2. Again, on the Webhook page, click on Generate JSON for Order or Basket. For single orders, you can select buy/sell, intraday/delivery, market/limit, quantity, price etc.
    Note- The parameters like exchange and Stock symbols will be populated by the trading view.

  3. Click on Generate URL

  4. Copy and paste the URL in Trading View Webhook (Trading View > Alert > Notification > Webhook URL)

  5. Copy and paste JSON in the Message section of TradingView Alerts (Trading View > Alert > Settings > Message)

Please Note- This feature is available for TradingView Pro, TradingView Pro+ and TradingView Premium only. Further, only Equity stocks are enabled as of now. Further, if you want to execute Futures or Options (FnO) then use the baskets for the same.