Key Developments in 5paisa Developer APIs

Key Developments in 5paisa Developer APIs

We are excited to announce some of the key developments released recently in our developer APIs. In order to provide you with more features around trading as well as optimizing these APIs to provide you with a smooth flow of transactions. These APIs are extremely simple to integrate and you can access them FREE of cost. We have ensured maximum security for our APIs. Below are some of the key features released this week; Click here to view the documentation page and go through the complete documentation of all the APIs. 

1) Live Quote: - Here you will get live data of the token(scrips) which you have subscribed, data you will get would consist of basic price information of the instruments i.e. LTP (last traded price) open, high, low, close, prev. Close, average rate and volume along with top bid/ask and total bid/ask.

2) Market Depth:- Here you will get market depth(Up to 5), in response you get separately all the top five current bids and ask along with number of orders and quantity along with total Buy/Sell quantity for the token(scrips) you have subscribed. Very soon we will come up with 20 depth too.

3) Open Interest:-  If you are a derivative or option trader, this would be of a great use for you if you are interested in OI data. As a response to Open Interest data requested we provide you with live open interest data consisting of current open interest, day high and day low of open interest for the tokens you have subscribed.

4) Websocket Support:- This is the most efficient way to get live streaming of Quotes, Market Depth and Open Interest data across exchanges in the live market. (Using web sockets you can subscribe or unsubscribe to any number of scrips you want to get live data). We establish a connection when you pass in a JWT token along with your client code in our websocket url (Note:- earlier we used to pass cookies which has now been changed with a JWT token, for detailed information kindly check our API documentation). This is a TCP connection established in order to get live streaming of a method for specific tokens you subscribe to.

5) Cover order and Bracket order integration:- Before this release our APIs were supported only for simple order types. Now you can also place advanced order types in Intraday i.e. Bracket Order and Cover Order. Bracket and Cover orders are "multi-legged" orders which are conditional, where an entry trade is taken as a new order upon which (second-leg) gets activated. In case of Cover order the second leg is a stop loss order whereas in Bracket order, the second leg is a type of one cancel other order pair, where either of which stop loss of target order gets executed, it cancels the other. Along with order placement facility, these APIs allow you to modify and cancel as well. You can use our APIs to automate your manual intraday condition based strategies.

6) Scrip master:- Use our automated scrip master which has all active scrip related information, which you can use to get a token and refer to scrips while using our developer apis. This provides the user the details of all the symbols in a particular exchange segment.

7) Increased api limit from 50 req/min. To 600 req/min:- Basis the feedback received from our valuable traders, we have also increased the API requests which were 50 per minute to 600 requests per minute for order request API specifically. This will empower you to place more orders without any issues. 

8) Feature-rich and updated Python SDK:- Our Python sdk empowers every developer who has knowledge about programming to directly use our in-built functions and perform all tasks that will help you in automating any strategy supported with simple commands.

Click here to view our detailed documentation page for all the existing as well as new releases 

We shall continue to keep improving our developer APIs in terms of both optimizations as well as introducing new features and making them comprehensive. Some of the key developments planned in near future are:

  1. Historical data (Intraday and Daily):- With these APIs you will be able to get old data of intraday as well as daily time frames. This feature will empower you to compute technical indicator values and use them to take trades without any restrictions on historical data.
  2. Adding Java and PHP library support:- For Java and PHP developers to match up and also build your trading systems using new SDKs.
  3. AmiBroker and MT4 integration:- Soon you will be able to connect your existing Amibroker and MT4 accounts directly with our Developer Apis and fire orders based on strategies you already have in your environment. 
  4. Publisher JS Plugin:- Also coming up with branded order placement buttons, you will be able to use custom 5paisa buttons and take trade directly after logging in from any vendor page. By this feature you will be able to modify price components at the time of order confirmation but other scrip related information would be taken care automatically.