Launching 5paisa school

Launching 5paisa school

The fact that the stock market has the ability to give inflation beating returns attracts a lot of millennials, but we have observed that these new investors find this whole process quite overwhelming. Further, we have also observed that those who dare to dive into the world of investment without sufficient knowledge end up making significant losses. A vital thing that you need to bear in mind while entering the market is that you need to take informed decisions to achieve your goals.

Also, we have seen that there are a lot of websites and apps that claim to be teaching you everything about the market but are not market experts and do not help you get down to the nitty-gritties of investment. Taking all these factors into consideration, we have launched 5paisa school - a stock market bible. Through this new launch we aim at helping our customers understand how to safeguard their finances by helping them know the market inside out. 

5paisa school is a collection of modules catering to the different aspects of the market. These modules are designed to guide you through the entire journey of investment. The courses provide summarized material with examples and illustrations.


We understand your hectic schedules and so to make learning feasible to incorporate your routine, we have introduced one minute read covering the gist of the entire topic. 

Live webinar arranged collaborating with industry professionals and hosting content created by influencers to help you learn the advanced trading techniques 

It gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace through our easy to navigate Website, Android & iOS App.

The curriculum is designed in result oriented fashion to ensure that you get practical understanding about the market 

Video and textual content available to make the whole process of learning simple and enjoyable. 

Aimed at testing your knowledge and clearing your concept.

Your learning is recognized with our certification on course completion. 

We encourage you all to visit our website or download our app to explore the courses which will help you to become a pro trader.

Happy Learning!