New feature added to the F&O360- F&O Stats

New feature added to the F&O360- F&O Stats

Finally, we have created a new section for F&O stats with so much effort and extensive research.
We know, as a trader, you will require a lot of different data points for your analysis, hence, we have curated multiple dashboards for complete in-depth analysis of futures and options data at one place.
1) Futures Activity:


As you land on the F&O Stats section, you will primarily land on the “Futures Activity”
Futures activity is a dashboard that compiles market movement of different scrips and it is segregated into 8 different segments. Here on this section, you'll get to see the Price gainers, Price losers, OI Gainers, OI losers, Long Buildup, Short Buildup, Long unwinding, and Short covering stocks. 

2) Future Screener:


Once you land on the “Futures screener tab” and on this indicated tab you can manually visit by just clicking on the respective future screener and vice versa.
Here you will find the build-up details for the Futures contracts.

In the activity dropdown option, you can select the particular segregated list you want to see data for. Additionally, in the expiry dropdown, you can select the particular expiry to see the data of your choice.
3) Options Activity:


The options screener feature is similar to the dashboard of the futures, where you get to see the ‘Options’ dashboard.
Dashboard options are divided into six categories: 

1) Active by contracts
2) Volume gainers
3) OI gainers
4) OI losers
5) Price gainers
6) Price losers.
By clicking on 'view all' option, you will be redirected to the Options screener tab. If you wish, you can again manually visit the page by just clicking on the tab from the ribbon  and vice versa

4) Options Screener:


On the options screener tab, you will be able to see different options contracts according to your segregation selection.

Here you will be able to see complete details for the option scrip i.e. price, OI, change in OI, OI change %, and the volume change.

5) Futures Intraday Buildup:


In the future intraday buildup tab, you will see the buildup distributed according to the time frame. Where you can see the buildup details for Nifty and Banknifty with time frames of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.

You can also select the expiry for which you want to see the buildup details.

6) Index Contributors:

This tab shows the price-specific data for the stocks in Nifty50 and Banknifty, i.e. which stock contributed to how much gain or loss in the broader index.
As a result, you will be able to understand the sentiment for individual stocks. For instance, if the nifty50 rose by 1% and we only see a few stocks on the gainer's list, but with large contributions. This means that the rally in the broader index is caused by a few stocks and other stocks do not share the same sentiment.
If you want to monitor and screen your trades as a regular trader, F&O stats can be a real help. You can learn more about it by visiting FnO360 Stats.