Now Invest in Stocks Through SIP

Now Invest in Stocks Through SIP

Do you intend to develop a habit of disciplined investment in the market, but somehow given the routine chores tend to miss on it? Do you wish to invest in High Value Stocks or High Price Stocks but cash crunch stops you from doing so each time? Have you ever thought about accumulating these stocks periodically - like auto investing in these stocks on your pay day or forth nightly? We understand your constrains and at 5paisa, our endeavor is to ensure that no one is ever denied off their right to invest and grow to become wealthier. Click here to explore more about Stock SIP.

What is stock SIP?

Stock SIP enables the investors to buy stock (quantity based) periodically (Weekly, monthly or daily) in a systematic manner. This feature is ideal adopting a disciplined approach for investing in the long term. 

Ab Toh Sabko Pata Hai that 5paisa has always made Investing easy and Rewarding and through Stock SIP we intend to help you make the best of unpredictable market by adopting a disciplined investment strategy. 

Why go for Stock SIP?

  • Based on concept of rupee cost averaging
  • Simple and disciplined approach towards investment
  • Can be started with small quantity of stock at regular intervals
  • Flexibility in terms of quantity time period and stock 

Things you can do using 5paisa’s Stock SIP feature:

  1. Create a sip based on quantity for any stock of your choice
  2. Select the interval - daily monthly or weekly
  3. Backtest using actual data of stock performance 
  4. Select the SIP start date of your choice
  5. Modify the SIP intermediately 
  6. Auto ordering functionality on due date based on Net available margin 
  7. Cancel or Limit your SIP period by mentioning SIP end date 

How can you invest in Stocks through SIP?

Investing in Stocks through SIP is extremely easy. All you need to do is:

On the User screen, click on Stock SIP.

On the Stock SIP screen you will see the Stocks that are available for investment through SIP.

In this example we are selecting SBIN stock from the available stocks.

Alternatively, you can directly search of the stock you want to invest in. In this case we are looking for SBIN.

In case you wish want to analyse the estimated returns on the stock you select Stock SIP calculator will help you basis the stock’s performance in the year that gone by.

Add in the SIP amount, select frequency at which you want to invest (weekly, monthly, quarterly), and enter the duration (for how long you wish to continue the SIP).

You may then select the desired SIP date.

Click on Start SIP option.

Check your order details on the Confirmation Screen and click on Place Order to execute the order.

You will then see all the details of the order placed on the final screen.

You can check your order in the Request Book.

On going to the Request Book Screen, just select the Stock for which you need to review the details. The details would pop up in the end of the screen.

The feature is available on 5paisa Android App v4.5.