Reduction in DP Transaction Charges

Reduction in DP Transaction Charges

Dear Investors,

In the last few months, markets have been moving upward and retail investors are getting a lot of opportunities to Buy low and Sell high. Volatility is always a trader’s delight as it creates opportunities to generate profits. But as most of our investors buy and sell in delivery and they have to pay DP transaction charges for every scrip they sell, they end up spending a huge chunk on their transactions. This has created some dissatisfaction among our customers and I have received several emails from a few of you asking me to relook at our DP charges.

Continuing with the legacy of providing the best-in-class services at the lowest cost possible, I am happy to announce that 5paisa is reducing the DP transaction charges from ₹25 to ₹12.5 from 8th June, 2020. Now, investors will only have to pay ₹12.5 per scrip  whenever they sell a delivery.

This reduction in Charges makes our DP transaction charges Lowest in the industry. Not just that, our Platinum and Titanium Customers continue to Enjoy ZERO DP transaction charges which are also first in the industry.

DP Charges will  be levied as per below-mentioned conditions:

Note: Transfer of shares from your Demat A/c to our Margin A/c for availing margin benefit or for margin under Margin Trading Facility will be charged at  ₹50 per scrip.