Tradetron, an 'algorithmic trading platform' has joined hands with 5paisa

Tradetron, an 'algorithmic trading platform' has joined hands with 5paisa


We at 5paisa try to make your trading smoother and effortless. Therefore, we've partnered with Tradetron, the most powerful trading engine, which has covered you all for your algorithmic trading strategies.


Tradetron is an Algo strategy marketplace that allows one to build Algo strategies without coding and others to subscribe to them and take trades in their own linked brokerage accounts automatically. It also feeds a Low code/no-code platform to make bots, which helps you to trade your strategy for effortless execution. Tradetron is a multi-exchange algo strategy platform which allows traders to create their own trading strategies or use strategies created by expert traders for their trading.



Below are some additional features of Tradetron:


Trading Engine:-It is a powerful trading engine built on distributed architecture that connects with multiple data providers to fetch near real-time data of multiple exchanges around the world in Stocks, Futures, Options, Currencies and Commodities.


Strategy Building Wizard:- If you're looking for a volatility skew (option trading concept)? A simple buy and hold? A complex market-making, maybe? Or maybe you have no idea what any of this means. No worries. Tradetron have got you covered with its Strategy Building Wizard, where you can build a wide gamut of strategies and algorithms without ever having to write any code. It has Just simple cutting-edge accessibility to follow your portfolio from anywhere in the world.


Social Trading and Strategy Market Place:- If you're completely a market newbie, Social trading and Strategy Market Place makes participation in financial markets easy, and most importantly, it's transparent. It gives access to trading strategy past performance, backtesting results and asset types.


Backtesting Engine:- The Backtesting engine will test your strategies in real-time with historical data before you go live. This includes testing for keywords ranging from holidays and corporate results to IVs and HVs. Your backtesting results will offer you deep insights into how your strategy could perform going forward, which also includes-

  • 100+ keywords (the building blocks of Algo trading) to set your conditions & give you free paper trading
  • Dedicated bots for fast & continuous conditions checking & execution on your strategy
  • Trade-in strategies created by different users & share part of your profit with them.


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