Vital Changes in Sell Authorization Process

Vital Changes in Sell Authorization Process

Dear Customer,

The security of your shares is of utmost importance for us as a broker. Since inception, 5paisa has never asked for POA (Power of Attorney) from its clients. Rather we were the 1st broker in the country to propose to CDSL, the Online authorization Process (Non POA) where the customer himself will authorize to transfer shares from his Demat account to broker’s account in an event of Sell or for margin benefit. We were also the 1st broker to get approval from CDSL to implement this system. The same was later adopted by a lot of other brokers.

Meanwhile, to protect customer’s interest and to make capital market robust and transparent, exchanges (BSE, NSE & MCX), depositories (CDSL & NSDL) and SEBI have implemented a lot of processes. Though changes implemented in the existing system caused some disruptions and inconvenience, both to the customers and the brokers, fundamentally they were all intended towards only one goal i.e. Customer Security.

With the same objective, recently CDSL has introduced a new process, wherein a customer will have to authorize the Delivery SELL transaction by entering a TPIN (this applies to all Brokers). This TPIN will be both generated and authorized by CDSL only. We implemented the same effective 20 May, 2020 so all of you must have received a TPIN on your email id and mobile number from CDSL. Currently, this was done on our web portal but today we are extending the same on our Mobile App (both Android & iOS) and EXE. From 01 June, 2020 this process will be compulsory. No sell transaction will be allowed until you authorize the same with the TPIN generated by CDSL. Though it might look cumbersome but it is very simple. The TPIN is required to be entered only once a day when you intend to Sell your shares. Further, the TPIN remains the same and need not be regenerated again and again.

I am sure you all will still have a lot of queries. Therefore we have already detailed out the entire process that should help you get the answers.
You may check it here.

You can also go through our below FAQs:

Lastly, I request you all to upgrade your mobile app to version 3.2.1 for Android users and version 2.4 for Apple users.

Happy Investing!