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5paisa Pro Partner Program

What is the 5paisa Pro Partner Program?

We have introduced the 5paisa Pro Partner Program with a 100% Commitment to help our Partners grow their income.

You can become a 5paisa Pro Partner in 5 minutes.

Steps to Join 5paisa Pro Partner Program:
Sign up for a 5paisa account to access the Pro Partner Program. If you already have a 5paisa account, you can proceed directly to Step 2.

Step 2- Choose a business plan.
Select a suitable business plan for your needs and goals on Pro Partner Dashboard after signing up for an account.

Step 3- Refer clients to 5paisa.
Refer clients to 5paisa with your unique referral link available in your Pro Partner Dashboard. Share it with friends, family and anyone in your network who may be interested in trading & investing.

Step 4- Track Performance on the dashboard.
Track your referral, earnings & other important metrics using the dashboard. It helps you monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Step 5- Lifetime Earnings.
Earn a commission on every trade made by your referred clients as a Pro Partner.

Benefits of 5paisa Pro Partner Program-
  1. 100% Digital Onboarding of Partners
  2. Lifetime Revenue Sharing
  3. Smart Dashboard
  4. Real-time Conversion & Revenue Tracking
  5. Dedicated Support Team
  6. Marketing Collaterals Support
Pro Partner Dashboard Features-
  1. Track real-time earnings & accounts.
  2. Maximize Your Lead Potential with Sub-Status Tracking
  3. Analyze your performance with client-wise brokerage.
  4. Download marketing material on the go.
  5. Copy your unique Referral Link with just one click.
  6. Stay up to date with the latest offers & promotions.
  7. Easy access to your payouts
What are the eligibility criteria to become a Pro Partner?

Anyone with a basic knowledge about Stock Markets & a zeal to earn and grow can become a 5paisa Pro Partner. The profiles of our large base of partners are inclusive of but not limited to traders, social media influencers, freelancers, stock market enthusiasts, and evangelists.

What if the referred lead is already registered in the system?

If any Referred client already exists in the 5paisa database as an existing client or potential client, then it will not be considered as a referral.

What is the frequency of payout?

Payout will be done between 10th to 14th of every month.

Can a minor become a Pro Partner?

A Minor cannot become a Pro Partner with 5Paisa.

To whom do I need to contact for any issues?

You need to write us at Proclub@5paisa.com

What are Partnership Commercials?

You can select a suitable business plan for your needs and goals on Pro Partner Dashboard after signing up for an account.

Can I become a Pro Partner if I don't have a 5paisa account?

No, a 5paisa account is needed to become a Pro Partner. The Pro Partner Program will be discontinued if the 5paisa account of a partner is deactivated or closed.

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