Bank Details for instant transferring funds into Your Trading Account | 5paisa

Bank Details for Instant Transferring Funds into Your Trading Account

Get instant credit by transferring your funds with NO documentation. Below are the details to get instant credit.

Note: Funds should be transferred from your registered bank account mapped with your 5paisa Account.

How to add 5Paisa as beneficiary in your bank a/c:
Step 1: Login with your credentials on your bank website
Step 2: Click on Funds Transfer
Step 3: Click on Add Beneficiary
Step 4: Enter Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Account No. and IFS Code
Step 5: Select Account Type as CURRENT

1.If this facility is not available in your bank Account, please contact or transfer funds by visiting your nearest branch.
2. If the beneficiary account no is not accepted then append client code to the bank account no of 5paisa
For Ex:
If writing FPAISA is not accepted by your bank then write FPAISA<Clientcode>
If your client code is 12345678 then you have to write beneficiary account no as FPAISA12345678 
How to transfer the funds?
Step 1: Login to your Bank Account
Step 2: Choose IMPS as an option for Funds Transfer
Step 3: Enter details provided above
Step 4: Transfer funds and check 5paisa ledger for confirmation
Note: In case, if you find any difficulty using banks, Mobile Application features, try using through bank’s website login.
Payin Rejection Case:
In case, if your funds payin transaction is not successfully updated in the ledger, you may raise a ticket HERE by mentioning your Client Code and Transaction Proof (along with transaction reference) and Bank Statement.