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What are your brokerage charges and are there any other charges apart from brokerage?

We do not charge any brokerage. For any segment, we charge flat fee of Rs. 20 per executed order (Applicable from 01st January, 2020). Apart from flat fee, statutory charges are levied. Following are the statutory charges:

General Charges:

Note: 18% GST applicable on all the above charges except STT, CTT & Stamp duty. Changes in SEBI Fees applicable from 01st June 2020 to 31st March 2021.

*Brokerage Rates differ as per Add on Packs if selected by you. To know more about Add on Packs, CLICK HERE 
** Physical Delivery in F&O will be charged at 0.10% of contract value

To know more about Trading Related Charges, Click Here

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