Can I also place Sell VTT orders?

Can I also place Sell VTT orders?

Yes, you can also sell positions with VTT orders. As per the new rules, a CDSL TPIN authorization is required for only cash scrips in your DP holding on the day when you want this sell order to be placed successfully. In case order is rejected due to lack of authorization, then you must place the order again.
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    • How to place VTT order?

      In order to place a VTT order; you have to click on advance buy option on the order placement tray. Then as per requirement enter the entry leg trigger price followed by limit/market order to place once the trigger is hit. Also, optionally you can ...
    • Where can I find my VTT orders?

      You can have a look at your placed, triggered, cancelled or fully executed VTT orders from the VTT orderbook which is next to “Position” section on the bottom left portion of your screen (for TTWeb).
    • Can I place a VTT order for intraday?

      No, you cannot place intraday VTT orders, instead use Cover and Bracket order for the same.
    • Which all segments are available for placing a VTT order?

      Currently, you can place VTT orders in the cash segment soon we will also support it for derivative orders.
    • What is the new VTT order type?

      VTT stands for Valid Till Triggered orders. It allows you to set a trigger price, whenever your trigger price is hit on same day or at a future date, a (limit/market) order will be placed on the exchange as per the limit price set by you. These ...