Can I delete the Strategy?

Can I delete the Strategy?

Yes, you can delete the strategy only if strategy positions are not entered or booked. If positions are entered then you can square off the positions from the strategy and then delete the strategy.

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    • Can I modify the strategy once placed via Smart Strategies?

      Yes, you can modify strategy exit parameters even after submitting the strategies. Please note you will not be able to modify entry parameters for that you need to delete the existing strategy and then create a new one.
    • Can I pause the Strategy?

      Yes, you can pause the strategy computation, once paused strategy will go into an idle state and entry and exit will not be taken place.
    • Can I resume the Strategy?

      Yes, you can resume the already Paused Strategy. Once resumed your strategy will start checking for entry and exit conditions if they are not already met.
    • Can I square off Strategy Positions?

      Yes, you can square off existing strategy positions. With this, your strategy will square off from all your positions and you will see the released P&L on the Strategy P&L page.
    • Where can I see strategy P&L?

      You can see the live P&L for the strategy on the Strategy P&L page And also in the 5paisa Net position tab.