Can I delete the Strategy?

Can I delete the Strategy?

Yes, you can delete a strategy on Smart Strategies. However, there are some points to remember.

  • Open Positions

You can only delete a strategy if it doesn't have any open positions (trades that haven't been closed yet).


  • Square Off First

If your strategy has existing positions, then you will need to square them off (manually close them) before you can delete the strategy.

Once all positions are closed, then you will be able to delete the strategy from the platform.

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      Yes, you can modify strategies with Smart Strategies. In fact, you have the flexibility to adjust your strategy's exit parameters even after submitting the strategy. It also allows you to fine-tune your profit targets, stop-loss levels, or trailing ...
    • Can I resume the Strategy?

      Yes, you can reactivate a previously paused Smart Strategy. Once you resume, your strategy will become active again and begin monitoring market conditions to identify entry and exit opportunities according to your defined parameters.
    • Can I pause the Strategy?

      Yes, you have the option to pause your Smart Strategy on 5paisa. Once you pause the strategy, it will become inactive and will not execute any new entry or exit orders even if your defined conditions are met. It will allow you to temporarily halt the ...
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    • Can I square off Strategy Positions?

      Yes, you can square off existing positions initiated by your Smart Strategies. The process will square off all positions associated with the strategy and you will be able to view the realised profit or loss (P&L) on the dedicated Strategy P&L page ...