Can I get corporate action benefits for Futures and Options (FnO)?

Can I get corporate action benefits for Futures and Options (FnO)?

In most cases, corporate action benefits such as dividends, bonus shares, or rights issues are not applicable to futures and options (F&O) contracts. This is because futures and options contracts are derivative instruments that derive their value from an underlying asset, which is usually a stock, index, or commodity.

When you trade in futures and options, you're essentially are making a contractual agreement about the price and delivery of the underlying asset at a future date. You don't actually own the underlying asset, so you won't receive the associated corporate action benefits.

For example:

Dividends: If a company pays a dividend to its shareholders, holders of the underlying stock would receive the dividend, but those trading in futures and options would not receive anything.

Bonus Shares: If a company issues bonus shares to its shareholders, only actual shareholders would receive the additional shares. F&O traders would not be entitled to these bonus shares.

Rights Issues: Similar to the above, only actual shareholders are eligible to participate in rights issues. F&O traders would not be able to participate.

It's important to note that derivatives trading, like futures and options, is focused on price speculation and risk management, and it doesn't involve the actual ownership of the underlying asset. If you're interested in benefiting from corporate actions, you would typically need to hold the actual shares in your Demat account.