Can I Get Recommendations for Smallcases? | Smallcase on 5paisa

Can I get recommendations for smallcases?

Yes, we do provide recommendations for smallcases. To know more, you can visit the following link 
However, you would be notified when a particular smallcase theme or model has played out.

Finding a smallcase that's right for you can be done easily using:
  • Filter & Sort - From the 'All smallcases' tab in the Discover page, you can filter & sort smallcases based on various parameters such as minimum investment, returns, etc, to find one that's right for you.
  • Collections - From the 'Explore' tab in the Discover page, you can browse currently trending smallcases, most popular smallcases and all collections. 
Note: As of now, only NSE stocks can be added to smallcases while creating, managing or customizing.

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