Can I manually manage the trades placed via Smart Strategies?

Can I manually manage the trades placed via Smart Strategies?

No, you should not manage the trades placed by smart strategies manually as they will be automatically taken care of by strategy as per strategy logic. Suppose you square off the buy position placed by the smart strategies and if as per strategy logic if the exit condition meets the strategy squares off the same trade then you will have one open sell position. We recommend you to use the square-off Strategy feature on the P&L page.

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    • Where can I see the trades placed via Smart Strategies?

      You can see the trades placed by smart strategy in Order Book with tag SS and also on the strategy P&L page.
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    • Can I modify the strategy once placed via Smart Strategies?

      Yes, you can modify strategy exit parameters even after submitting the strategies. Please note you will not be able to modify entry parameters for that you need to delete the existing strategy and then create a new one.
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      Yes, you can unsubscribe from the Advanced Strategy subscription from the ‘Live Strategy’ section. Following scenarios will occur when you unsubscribe from the advanced strategies- If trades are not placed– The strategies will stop immediately and ...