Can I sell shares if they are pledged?

Can I sell shares if they are pledged?

With 5paisa, you can sell your pledged shares anytime without providing separate instructions or requests. For non-POA clients, the process involves following the TPIN process. 

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    • Can I apply for buyback if my shares are pledged?

      If your shares are currently pledged, you should settle any outstanding debit and request the release of the pledge. Once the debit balance is cleared and the shares are no longer pledged, they will be transferred directly to your Demat account. Only ...
    • How do I authorize my sell transaction?

      A new "Sell Authorization" process has been introduced to enhance the security of transferring shares from your demat account during selling transactions (applicable only for Selling Delivery and not Intraday). With this new process, you'll need to ...
    • Will I be eligible for the rights issue if I sell the shares on the ex-date?

      Yes, selling your shares after the ex-date makes you eligible to receive the corporate action.
    • Will I get margin benefit immediately after I sell my stock?

      You can immediately benefit from shares sold on the same trading day (T-day) under specific conditions: · Shares are available in your Demat account without any pledge against them. · Shares in your Demat account are pledged solely for Margin ...
    • What is TPIN? How do I get it for selling shares?

      What is TPIN? The TPIN is a 6-digit pin that is sent to your registered mobile and email. In case you have an existing account, you would have received a Pin already on your registered Email ID and Mobile Number with 5paisa. For new accounts, the PIN ...