Can I sell shares if they are pledged?

Can I sell shares if they are pledged?

Yes. You can sell your shares which are pledged at any point of time. No separate instruction or request is required. If you are a NON-POA client CLICK HERE to follow TPIN process 

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    • Can I apply for buyback if my shares are pledged?

      If your shares are currently pledged, you should settle any outstanding debit and request the release of the pledge. Once the debit balance is cleared and the shares are no longer pledged, they will be transferred directly to your Demat account. Only ...
    • Will I get margin benefit immediately after I sell my stock?

      You may get the benefit of shares sold on T-day (i.e. instantly on the same day of trading) under the following circumstances. Shares lying in Client Unpaid Securities Account (CUSA). This normally happens if you sell shares which are purchased in ...
    • How do I authorize my sell transaction?

      A new process of “Sell Authorization” has been added to ensure the secure transfer of shares from your demat account whenever you sell them (Applicable only for Selling Delivery and not Intraday). Under this new process, you will have to provide a ...
    • Will I be eligible for the rights issue if I sell the shares on the ex-date?

      Yes, selling your shares after the ex-date makes you eligible to receive the corporate action.
    • Can I exit from smallcase and sell my stocks?

      Whole Exit If you want to completely exit your smallcase position, you can do so by going to the Investments page > clicking on the smallcase you wish to exit > click on the Exit button After the exit smallcase pop-up opens up, you would need to ...