Can I square off Strategy Positions?

Can I square off Strategy Positions?

Yes, you can square off existing strategy positions. With this, your strategy will square off  from all your positions and you will see the released P&L on the Strategy P&L page.

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    • Can I delete the Strategy?

      Yes, you can delete the strategy only if strategy positions are not entered or booked. If positions are entered then you can square off the positions from the strategy and then delete the strategy.
    • Square off Process

      Risk team can initiate square off in 9 scenarios. All scenarios are explained below: Scenario.1. T+6 Debit Square Off (Daily 3.15 pm) T+6 (T being Trading Day) square off is initiated for all clients who have purchased NON-APPROVED Stocks. All stocks ...
    • Square off process in commodity market

      Commodity Square off Process 1. Intraday Square off Intraday Square off At 04:30 P.M. (Market closes at 05:00 P.M.). For Agri Commodities other than those open for trading till Evening. Intraday Square off At 08:30 P.M. or 09:00 case of ...
    • Where can I see strategy P&L in Advanced Strategies?

      There are two sources where you can view the live strategies P&L from- Under the Strategy P&L page - Log in to the 5paisa Mobile App - Click on Ideas Section - Go to Advanced Strategies - Click on the Manage or Live Strategy link On the 5paisa Net ...
    • What will happen if I missed logging in for positional strategy?

      If you missed logging in for Positional Strategy and suppose your entry or exit condition is met then orders will not be placed for that strategy. In this case, you need to create a new strategy if an entry is not made or squared off. Existing ...