Can anyone Entitled to Receive Corporate Benefits without POA and debit? | 5paisa

Am I entitled to receive corporate benefits without POA & debit?

Yes, you are entitled to receive all corporate action benefits like Bonus, Split, Dividend etc. However, you may experience difficulties in applying for specific corporate actions like Buyback and Rights because, in such circumstances 5PAISA will not be able to process your request for transfer of shares from your DP account to  buyback/rights designated DP account if you are not already registered for EASIEST facility in CDSL.

You will have to, therefore, request us to transfer back securities from the Margins account to your demat account or specifically request us intimating us your intention to apply for the corporate actions such as Rights issue etc.

Note: Non receipt of any communication from your side would be assumed that you are not interested in pursuing the corporate action specifically with respect to right issues etc.