Charges for Smallcases | Smallcase on 5paisa

What are the charges and taxes for smallcases?

There‚Äôs a one-time fee of Rs.100/- which is applicable for every new smallcase buy and no other transactional charges are levied on investing more, managing, rebalancing, SIP, partial exit, and whole exit orders  (Effective from 15th September 2022). 

Smallcases are nothing but baskets of stocks bought & managed together. The same taxation guidelines that apply for stocks apply for smallcases as you're eventually holding them in single stocks format are as follows- 
  1. If you sell your smallcase stock investments after 12 months of buying, your investments would qualify for long-term capital gains tax which is applicable at 10% of the gains, if the gains exceed Rs. 1,00,000.
  2. If you sell your smallcase stocks before 12 months of holding, you will have to pay a short-term capital gains tax of 15% on the profits made (not applicable on losses).
  3. Dividends on stocks are taxable at 10% in the investors' hands if the dividend income exceeds Rs.10 lakh.
Note: Normal delivery brokerage charges would be applied as per your plan.

The average purchase cost which reflects under the Portfolio section does not include the brokerage. Hence the total, as well as individual smallcase returns, will be exclusive of the brokerage and other statutory charges borne by you.

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