Charges for Smallcases | Smallcase on 5paisa

What are the charges and taxes for smallcases?

Fee will be applicable for every new smallcase buy, invest more and SIP orders and no other transactional charges are levied on managing, rebalancing, partial exit, and full exit orders.

This will be effective from 1st June 2023.



Note: Fee will be debited from the smallcase account at the end of each day, based on your buying activity on smallcase. This will be reflected on your ledger on your brokerage back-office tool. Normal delivery brokerage charges would be applied as per your plan.

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    • Where can I view my saved smallcases?

      Follow the below steps to view your saved Smallcase on the 5paisa Web (Tradestation): On the Tradestation >> Go to my profile >> Select research and click on the smallcases from the dropdown Click on the ‘Watchlist Tab’ Navigate to the Draft Section ...
    • Can I get recommendations for smallcases?

      Yes, we do provide recommendations for smallcases. To know more, you can visit the following link  However, you would be notified when a particular smallcase theme or model has played out. Finding a smallcase ...
    • List of Charges

      Types of charges Fees Demat Maintenance Charges ₹0 if your holding value is less than ₹50,000 up to 1 Demat account. ₹8 if your holding value is ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000 up to 1 Demat account. ₹25 if your holding value is above ₹2,00,000 up to 1 Demat ...
    • Charges for MF pledge & Unpledge

      The above charges are exclusive of GST and shall be debited from your ledger account as and when you pledge or unpledge shares in your account.
    • Are the returns guaranteed for smallcases and Is there a lock-in period for smallcases?

      No, with smallcases - you're essentially buying stocks which are exposed to market risks. Investing in market instruments involves risks and investments may lose value. Also, the returns shown for smallcases are the historical returns. Smallcases ...