Enhanced Surveillance Measure (ESM)

Enhanced Surveillance Measure (ESM)

The Enhanced Surveillance Measure (ESM) is a regulatory framework implemented by the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. It aims to enhance monitoring and surveillance of listed companies to ensure investor protection and market integrity.

The client is hereby requested to note that following-
  • The script as per Stage I has satisfied the criteria for inclusion under aforesaid measure and shall attract minimum 100% margin. Scripts qualifying under ESM shall be shifted from Rolling Settlement segment (Series: EQ) to Trade-for-Trade segment (Series: BE)

  • The scripts as per Stage II mentioned have been moved to Enhanced Surveillance Measure (ESM) Stage II and shall follow the Trade to Trade category with a price band of 2%. Trading will be restricted to only once per week (on Mondays/the first trading day of the week) via Periodic Call Auction
For further information on Enhanced Surveillance Measure, check here

Sr. No.SymbolSecurity NameISINStage
14THDIMFourth Dimension Solutions LimitedINE382T01030I
2AKIAki India LimitedINE642Z01018I
3ALPSINDUSAlps Industries LimitedINE093B01015I
4ASIANENEAsian Energy Services LimitedINE276G01015I
5ASIANHOTNRAsian Hotels (North) LimitedINE363A01022I
6ASMSBartronics India LimitedINE855F01042I
7BEARDSELLBeardsell LimitedINE520H01022I
8BINANIINDBinani Industries LimitedINE071A01013I
9BVCLBarak Valley Cements LimitedINE139I01011I
10CUBEXTUBCubex Tubings LimitedINE144D01012I
11DCIDc Infotech And Communication LimitedINE0A1101019I
12DCMFINSERVDcm Financial Services LimitedINE891B01012I
13EIMCOELECOEimco Elecon (India) LimitedINE158B01016I
14ELECTHERMElectrotherm (India) LimitedINE822G01016I
15FCONSUMERFuture Consumer LimitedINE220J01025I
16GISOLUTIONGi Engineering Solutions LimitedINE065J01016I
17GOYALALUMGoyal Aluminiums LimitedINE705X01026II
18IMPEXFERROImpex Ferro Tech LimitedINE691G01015I
19INDOTECHIndo Tech Transformers LimitedINE332H01014I
20INSPIRISYSInspirisys Solutions LimitedINE020G01017II
21IZMOIzmo LimitedINE848A01014I
22KRIDHANINFKridhan Infra LimitedINE524L01026I
23KRITIKAKritika Wires LimitedINE00Z501029I
24KSHITIJPOLKshitij Polyline LimitedINE013801027I
25LALLorenzini Apparels LimitedINE740X01015I
26LATTEYSLatteys Industries LimitedINE262Z01023I
27MGELMangalam Global Enterprise LimitedINE0APB01024I
28MITTALMittal Life Style LimitedINE997Y01019I
29MMPMmp Industries LimitedINE511Y01018I
30PVPPvp Ventures LimitedINE362A01016I
31SCAPDVRStampede Capital LimitedINE224E01036I
32SKYGOLDSky Gold LimitedINE01IU01018I
33SOMATEXSoma Textiles & Industries LimitedINE314C01013I
34SPMLINFRASpml Infra LimitedINE937A01023I
35SUULDSuumaya Industries LimitedINE591Q01016I
36SVPGLOBSvp Global Textiles LimitedINE308E01029I
37TARAPURTarapur Transformers LimitedINE747K01017I
38TREJHARATrejhara Solutions LimitedINE00CA01015I
39VARDMNPOLYVardhman Polytex LimitedINE835A01011I
40VINNYVinny Overseas LimitedINE01KI01027I
41WSIW S Industries (I) LimitedINE100D01014I
42MAZDAMazda LimitedINE885E01034I
43GEEKAYWIREGeekay Wires LimitedINE669X01016I
44KILITCHKilitch Drugs (India) LimitedINE729D01010I
45PRESSMNPressman Advertising LimitedINE980A01023II
46ABMINTLLTDAbm International LimitedINE251C01025I
47KAUSHALYAKaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation LimitedINE234I01010I
483PLAND3P Land Holdings LimitedINE105C01023I
49AJOONIAjooni Biotech LimitedINE820Y01021I
50AKGAkg Exim LimitedINE00Y801016I
51BTMLBodhi Tree Multimedia LimitedINE0EEJ01015I
52CEREBRAINTCerebra Integrated Technologies LimitedINE345B01019I
53DUCONDucon Infratechnologies LimitedINE741L01018I
54GLOBEGlobe Textiles (India) LimitedINE581X01021I
55GODHAGodha Cabcon & Insulation LimitedINE925Y01036I
56HILTONHilton Metal Forging LimitedINE788H01017I
57HYBRIDFINHybrid Financial Services LimitedINE965B01022I
58IELIndiabulls Enterprises LimitedINE059901020I
59KOHINOORKohinoor Foods LimitedINE080B01012I
60LAMBODHARALambodhara Textiles LimitedINE112F01022I
61MAGNUMMagnum Ventures LimitedINE387I01016I
62MARSHALLMarshall Machines LimitedINE00SZ01018I
63PODDARHOUSPoddar Housing And Development LimitedINE888B01018I
64PRAXISPraxis Home Retail LimitedINE546Y01022II
65RADIOCITYMusic Broadcast LimitedINE919I01024I
66RAJMETRajnandini Metal LimitedINE00KV01022I
67SADBHAVSadbhav Engineering LimitedINE226H01026I
68SADBHINSadbhav Infrastructure Project LimitedINE764L01010I
69SETCOSetco Automotive LimitedINE878E01021I
70SITINETSiti Networks LimitedINE965H01011I
71TEMBOTembo Global Industries LimitedINE869Y01010I
72TIRUPATIFLTirupati Forge LimitedINE319Y01024I
73YAARIYaari Digital Integrated Services LimitedINE126M01010I
74ZEELEARNZee Learn LimitedINE565L01011I
75PARASPETROParas Petrofils LimitedINE162C01024I
76ARSHIYAArshiya LimitedINE968D01022I
77ESSENTIAIntegra Essentia LimitedINE418N01035I
78GLOBALGlobal Education LimitedINE291W01029I
79KANANIINDKanani Industries LimitedINE879E01037I
80KEEPLEARNDsj Keep Learning LimitedINE055C01020I
81NDLVENTURENdl Ventures LimitedINE353A01023I
82NGILNakoda Group Of Industries LimitedINE236Y01012I
83OSIAHYPEROsia Hyper Retail LimitedINE06IR01021I
84REGENCERAMRegency Ceramics LimitedINE277C01012II
85SBCSbc Exports LimitedINE04AK01028I
86SIKKOSikko Industries LimitedINE112X01017I
87SUMITSumit Woods LimitedINE748Z01013I
88UNITEDPOLYUnited Polyfab Gujarat LimitedINE368U01011I
89VCLVaxtex Cotfab LimitedINE098201036I
90GRPLTDGrp LimitedINE137I01015I
91BCONCEPTSBrand Concepts LimitedINE977Y01011I
92TECILCHEMTecil Chemicals & Hydro Power LtdINE014B01011I
93NINSYSNintec Systems LimitedINE395U01014II
94KAMATHOTELKamat Hotels (I) LimitedINE967C01018I
95WALCHANNAGWalchandnagar Industries LimitedINE711A01022I
96SOMICONVEYSomi Conveyor Beltings LimitedINE323J01019I
97MICELMic Electronics LimitedINE287C01037II
98AJRINFRAAjr Infra And Tolling LimitedINE181G01025I
99SUPREMEENGSupreme Engineering LimitedINE319Z01021I
100VIVIMEDLABVivimed Labs LimitedINE526G01021I
101AAKASHAakash Exploration Services LimitedINE087Z01024I
102ADROITINFOAdroit Infotech LimitedINE737B01033I
103AKSHARAkshar Spintex LimitedINE256Z01017I
104HUBTOWNHubtown LimitedINE703H01016I
105NURECANureca LimitedINE0DSF01015I
106SUPREMEINFSupreme Infrastructure India LimitedINE550H01011I
107VERTOZVertoz Advertising LimitedINE188Y01015I
108ZENITHSTLZenith Steel Pipes & Industries LimitedINE318D01020I
109NORBTEAEXPNorben Tea & Exports LimitedINE369C01017I
110MAANALUMaan Aluminium LimitedINE215I01019I
111HIRECTHind Rectifiers LimitedINE835D01023I
112GANGAFORGEGanga Forging LimitedINE691Z01023I
113WELINVWelspun Investments And Commercials LimitedINE389K01018I
114ARENTERPRajdarshan Industries LimitedINE610C01014I
115WANBURYWanbury LimitedINE107F01022I
116MASKINVESTMask Investments LimitedINE885F01015I
117GAYAHWSGayatri Highways LimitedINE287Z01012I
118TOTALTotal Transport Systems LimitedINE336X01012I
119NAGREEKEXPNagreeka Exports LimitedINE123B01028I
120SABEVENTSSab Events & Governance Now Media LimitedINE860T01019I
121SHREYANINDShreyans Industries LimitedINE231C01019I
122AMDINDAMD Industries LimitedINE005I01014I
123MURUDCERAMurudeshwar Ceramics LimitedINE692B01014I
124GKWLIMITEDGkw LimitedINE528A01020I
125UMAEXPORTSUma Exports LimitedINE0GIU01018I
126SIGINDSignet Industries LimitedINE529F01035I
127RSSOFTWARER. S. Software (India) LimitedINE165B01029I
128MADHUCONMadhucon Projects LimitedINE378D01032I
129JYOTISTRUCJyoti Structures LimitedINE197A01024I
130VENUSREMVenus Remedies LimitedINE411B01019I
131LOKESHMACHLokesh Machines LimitedINE397H01017I
132SOUTHWESTSouth West Pinnacle Exploration LimitedINE980Y01015I
133CORDSCABLECords Cable Industries LimitedINE792I01017I
134MAHESHWARIMaheshwari Logistics LimitedINE263W01010I
135TERASOFTTera Software LimitedINE482B01010I
136CROWNCrown Lifters LimitedINE491V01019I
137AMBICAAGARAmbica Agarbathies & Aroma Industries LimitedINE792B01012I
138SEPOWERS.E. Power LimitedINE735M01018I
139ESSARSHPNGEssar Shipping LimitedINE122M01019I‚Äč

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