Exiting Smallcase - Smallcase on 5paisa

Can I exit from smallcase and sell my stocks?

Whole Exit
If you want to completely exit your smallcase position, you can do so by going to the Investments page > clicking on the smallcase you wish to exit > click on the Exit button

After the exit smallcase pop-up opens up, you would need to select Whole exit, review the orders and confirm them.

This action places sell orders for all the shares of stocks you hold in the smallcase, and shows you the amount you will receive from the exit.

Selling Individual Stocks
  1. Smallcases are flexible instruments that can be managed at anytime. You have the provision to sell individual stocks or some shares using the Manage option. Here's how:
  2. From the Investments page, click on the individual smallcase you want to sell individual stocks from >> Click on Manage in the Stock Constituents section to open up the manage window.

3. In the Manage pop-up, you may reduce the quantity of a stock to the no. of shares you would like to retain. If you wish to sell all the shares of a stock, you can do so by reducing the quantity to 0.

4. Once you are satisfied with the changes, you may 'Confirm Changes' and place orders. If not, you can Reset Changes and start over.
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