FAQs on 5paisa Loyalty Program

FAQs on 5paisa Loyalty Program

1. What is Insta Rewardz?

Insta Rewardz is our loyalty program designed exclusively for customers of 5paisa. By transacting with 5paisa, you can effortlessly accumulate points on different transactions. Once you have acquired points, the fun part begins: selecting the ideal way to utilize them. As a member of this program, you will have access to a wide range of captivating rewards awaiting your selection. Our program presents a variety of redemption choices, ranging from luxurious vacations to thrilling shopping experiences. 

2. Who is eligible to accumulate points under this program?

All customers of 5paisa are automatically enrolled in the rewards program, granting them access to instant point accrual and the ability to redeem them for desired gifts or vouchers.

3. Which transactions are eligible for points accrual?

Currently, customers can collect points for the following transactions:

Transaction Done 
Points earned 
Power Investor Monthly Subscription 
Power Investor Quarterly Subscription 
Power Investor Annual Subscription 
Ultra Trader Monthly Subscription 
Ultra Trader Quarterly Subscription 
Ultra Trader Yearly Subscription 
Successful referral - Account opened by referee

4. When and where are the Insta Rewardz points accumulated?

Points are disbursed on a T+1 basis (if a transaction is done today, points will be disbursed tomorrow). Customers can check their earned points by visiting instarewardz.5paisa.com

5. How can I redeem the points I've earned?

Customers can check the different redemption choices by logging into instarewardz.5paisa.com and then clicking on 'Redeem Points'.

6. Where can I check my transaction history and points earned for each transaction?

In order to check the historical transactions for which they earned points, customers need to log into instarewardz.5paisa.com and click on Account>My History>Transaction History

7. How can I check my order history for redemptions done by me?

Order history can be viewed by logging into instarewardz.5paisa.com and clicking on Account>My History>Order History

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