FAQs on Reverse and Rollover Position in F&O

FAQs on Reverse and Rollover Position in F&O

What is a Quick Reverse Position?

With the Quick Reverse position, you can reverse your stock’s position with just a click, whether Buy or Sell. For example, you buy X quantity of a certain stock and you want to reverse the position. The reversal will happen but it will place the reversed order with 2X quantity to reverse your net position. Also, the order will be placed at market price.

What is a Rollover Position? 

The Rollover Position allows you to carry forward your Future Positions from the current position to the next expiry in just a single click. With this feature, you can just click and the current month’s position will be squared off on the expiry. Also, it will create a fresh next month’s position for the same future contract. Both of these orders will be performed at the market price. 

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