FAQs on Smart Strategies

FAQs on Smart Strategies

  1. What are Smart Strategies?
    Smart Strategy enables you to execute your option strategy with Defined Entry and Exit parameters.

  2. Where can I find Smart Strategy on 5paisa?
    We have made available the Smart Strategy section on Our FNO 360 portal. Visit https://fno.5paisa.com/ and go to the Smart Strategies section on the left side of the screen.

  3. Which strategy I can execute using Smart Strategies?
    5paisa provides a set of predefined strategies or you can create your custom strategy as well and execute the trades on 5paisa’s FnO portal. 

  4. What is Desired Premium Section in Smart Strategies?
    The desired Premium section helps you define the entry premium for your strategy. Your strategy orders will be placed when the mentioned premium condition is satisfied if you select market orders then all orders will be placed at the market.

  5. What is the Exit Parameters section on the Smart Strategies platform?
    The exit parameter section helps you define exit conditions for the strategy where you can define targets, stoploss and trail target/SL conditions.

  6. What happens if I Submit the strategy after market hours?
    If you submit the strategy after hours, Your strategy will be active the next day at 9:15 am assuming you are logged in to Smart Strategy. If not the strategy will be active after you log in. Please note as the strategy becomes active it will place orders as per the Entry and Exit conditions provided by you. If Entry is at the market it will immediately place the trades.

  7. What will happen if I missed logging in for positional Strategy?
    If you missed logging in for Positional Strategy and suppose your entry or exit condition is met then orders will not be placed for that strategy. In this case, you need to create a new strategy if an entry is not made or squared off. Existing positions will be manual if the exit condition is met and orders are not squared off.

  8. Can I manually manage the trades placed via Smart Strategies?
    No, you should not manage the trades placed by smart strategies manually as they will be automatically taken care of by strategy as per strategy logic. Suppose you square off the buy position placed by the smart strategies and if as per strategy logic if the exit condition meets the strategy squares off the same trade then you will have one open sell position. We recommend you to use the square-off Strategy feature on the P&L page.

  9. Can I modify the Strategy once placed via Smart Strategies?
    Yes, you can modify strategy exit parameters even after submitting the strategies. Please note you will not be able to modify entry parameters for that you need to delete the existing strategy and then create a new one.

  10. Can I square off Strategy Positions?
    Yes, you can square off existing strategy positions. With this, your strategy will square off  from all your positions and you will see the released P&L on the Strategy P&L page.

  11. Can I pause the Strategy?
    Yes, you can pause the strategy computation, once paused Strategy will go into an idle state and entry and exit will not be taken place.

  12. Can I resume the Strategy?
    Yes, you can resume the already Paused Strategy. Once resumed your strategy will start checking for entry and exit conditions if they are not already met.

  13. Can I delete the Strategy?
    Yes, you can delete the strategy only if strategy positions are not entered or Booked. If positions are entered then you can SquareOff the positions from the strategy and then delete the strategy.

  14. What if I don’t have sufficient margin in the account?
    If you have subscribed to strategy and don’t have margin in the account then your trades will be rejected by 5paisa with the message as insufficient margin. You can see strategy logs by clicking on the History icon on the Strategy P&L page.

  15. Where can I see the trades placed via Strategy?
    You can see the trades placed by strategy in Order Book with tag ss and also on the strategy P&L page.

  16. Where can I see strategy P&L?
    You can see the live P&L for the strategy on the Strategy P&L page And also in the 5paisa Net position tab.