General Queries

General Queries

Up to what limit can I apply for a public issue in UPI?
The limit for IPO application is 2 Lakhs per transaction on UPI
Are second / third / joint account holders in a bank account restrained from using the same account for payment in public issues?
SEBI Circular only specifies that applications made by retail investors using third party UPI ID or by any category of investors using a third party bank account are liable for rejection. No specific restriction has been imposed by SEBI on use of bank account by second / third / joint account holder.  
Can I apply multiple applications in same IPO using same UPI?
No, one bank account one IPO application is allowed.
Can I apply multiple applications in single IPO with same PAN through different routes?
Only single application per PAN is allowed in single IPO. Multiple applications with same PAN in an IPO even applied through different modes (online/physical) will not be considered for allotment.

How do I know that the block request is not fraudulent?
The block request is not fraudulent in case the UPI ID is marked as a “verified merchant”. Please look out for the indication of a Verified Merchant tag when you receive the request on your App for blocking the amount that you have bid. The request is received as a collect request on your UPI enabled App. Further, also please verify the details including your Bid-cum application number, amount and other bid details, enclosed as an attachment as part of such block request.

What happens if I do not have sufficient balance in my bank account while accepting the IPO mandate / blocking request?
Transaction will be declined in case the account has insufficient funds.
What happens if I deregister from the UPI App after accepting the block request?
De-registration will not be available from the application until the active requests are revoked / executed.
What happens if I change my UPI ID before executing the IPO Request?
Execution of the IPO mandate request is independent of the UPI ID and will be executed against the same account which was linked at the time of creating the mandate.
What if I do not want to proceed with the public issue application after submission with intermediary? Can I withdraw my bid? If yes, how?
As per the extant legal framework, retail individual investors can withdraw bids till issue closure date. During the bidding period you may approach the same intermediary with whom the application form was submitted, for withdrawal of bid.

Are there any additional charges for transactions done using BHIM UPI ?
Currently, there are no charges for transactions done through UPI. Please get in touch with your respective bank for details of charges, if any.

When will I get my refund if I didn't recieve the IPO's allotment on a listing day?
It will take 3-4 working days for the blocked amount to be released following the IPO allotment date.

For additional information please refer NPCI/SEBI website.

Watch video of the UPI based ASBA process in IPO:-

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