How can I Buy GOLD on 5paisa?

How can I Buy GOLD on 5paisa?

You can Now BUY Gold for as low as just Rs. 50 on 5paisa without all the hassles and charges of buying physical gold from jewelers. 5paisa app shows you the current ongoing price per gram of gold. You just need to decide the amount of money that you want to buy gold with. Based on the current displayed rate per gram of gold and taxes, the equivalent number of grams of gold will be purchased in your name and added to your vault. You can also decide the number of grams you want to buy and pay the amount accordingly.

The gold bought by you is stored centrally and shown to you as a Digital Vault balance of the number of grams owned by you. You have an option to either take Delivery of this gold, or Sell it off on the App directly from your vault.

There are no additional requirements to buy gold on 5paisa. All you need is an active 5paisa Trading Account. Currently, we allow payments via Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card. Convenience fee of 2% is charged at the time of making payments using the provided payment gateway.

You can find your Purchased Gold details in the Vault section of the App. This will display the total grams of gold accumulated by you till date. You will receive an invoice via email after each transaction. The invoice is also available in the transaction history in the vault section of the app.

Note: We do not offer the facility to buy gold using your ledger balance currently, however this feature is expected to be made available soon.

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      The gold purchased on behalf of you shall be stored with a reputed custodian. An independent auditor/ trustee will confirm the balances with the custodian each quarter and reconcile the amounts with customer balances. The Security Trustee is entitled ...
    • How is the Price of gold decided?

      The price of Gold is always shown upfront to you while buying or selling gold. This price is derived based on the wholesale bullion market prices, with a commission over and above to cover operational costs. . It includes the cost of storage, ...
    • How is this better than buying gold from a jeweler?

      Buying Gold on 5paisa is a lot better. The advantages are: Convenience: Buy for any Rupee value starting @Rs.50 and accumulate your gold. Take delivery only when you have accumulated enough. Pricing: Buying gold from jewelers involves making charges ...
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      The Price of gold displayed at any given time is inclusive of the cost of gold, any operational expenses and 5paisas commissions. Apart from this the only charges applicable are - Convenience fee at the time of making payments using the provided ...
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