How can I Buy GOLD on 5paisa?

How can I Buy GOLD on 5paisa?

Digital gold purchase/buy transaction has been suspended on 5paisa.

Users are requested to withdraw the gold from the vault either by selling it or getting it delivered in the form of a coin. To know how to sell digital gold via 5paisa, click here! You can also contact SafeGold support team at 888 1000 800 or email at

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    • What is digital gold?

      Digital gold is a virtual method of buying and investing in yellow metal without having to physically hold the gold. Note: Purchase of digital gold is suspended on 5paisa App & Website
    • How to apply for Buy Back of shares?

      You can apply for the Buyback through the 5paisa website by following the below-mentioned steps. Step 1: Log in to Step 2: Click on Profile >> Financial Product >> Buyback. Step 3: After clicking on Apply for Buy Back, you will land in ...
    • How is buying gold from 5paisa is better than buying gold from a jeweler?

      Note: Digital gold purchase/ buy transaction on 5paisa has been suspended. Buying Digital Gold has certain advantages: Convenience: Buy gold for any Rupee value, starting @ ₹50 and accumulate your gold Pricing: Buying gold from jewelers involves ...
    • Does 5paisa have any additional charges for buying gold?

      The price of gold displayed at any given time is inclusive of the cost of gold (as per market rate per gram), any operational expenses, and 5paisa’s commissions. Apart from this the only charges applicable are- Delivery charges for minting and ...
    • How is digital gold investment better than other forms of gold investment?

      Investing in digital gold has the following perks then the other forms of gold investments- You can take physical delivery of the gold to your doorstep. You can invest an amount as low as ₹50 Digital Gold can be used as collateral for online loans. ...