How can I start an SIP and can I shift my existing SIPs to 5paisa?

How can I start an SIP and can I shift my existing SIPs to 5paisa?

Investment in SIP can be done via below platforms:
From 5Paisa Mobile App:

Start an SIP by choosing schemes from our categorized baskets:

Select a scheme >> Click on start SIP >> Enter amount and SIP Date >> Select SIP Period >> Proceed to Pay

You can start an SIP through Quick Buy/SIP in a scheme of your choice. In case  you want to make goal-based SIP investments please follow the path:

Login to 5paisa Mobile App >> Dashboard >> Investment Advisor

From 5Paisa Website:

You can start SIP from the various categories like Quick Buy, Direct schemes, new fund offer, Save tax, invest for short term, Invest for your future (Robo advisor).

Note: If you want to increase the SIP amount you will have to start a fresh SIP. If you want to decrease the SIP amount you will have to cancel the existing SIP and start another one.

If you have an ongoing SIP with any other broker, you will have to stop that SIP and start a new one through 5paisa. It cannot be shifted from one to the other. However Holdings that are accumulated as a result of investing can be transferred.

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