How do I set my PIN?

How do I set my PIN?

Following is the process to set up the two-factor authentication PIN in your device-
  1. Put the User ID 
  2. Enter OTP that you’ll receive on your mobile number and email address
  3. Add the Date of birth(DOB)
  4. Enter the PIN of your choice 
  5. Setup the PIN

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    • What is the process to change my PIN?

      Login to your 5Paisa account & Go to my profile section  Click on the settings option   Click on change pin and then reset your 6 digit PIN
    • What is Auto Pay and how to set up Autopay?

      Autopay or mandate is an instruction to your bank to transfer money to 5paisa on a regular basis to fulfill all your Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) registered with us. It helps in effortlessly transferring money to us without you going to the ...
    • What is two-factor authentication(2FA)?

      Two factor authentication is a security feature where a customer needs to fulfill the two authentication criteria to login into a system. One authentication will be OTP/Device ID, and another one will be the DOB/PIN depending on the scenarios of ...
    • Do we have to use a password while login?

      No, you do not need to use the password. Now the passwords have been replaced with the 6-digit PIN for a faster login to your trading platform.
    • What if I do not link my device or login through another device?

      In such a scenario, the moment when the login session expires, you will have to repeat all the processes by putting OTP, and PIN again, which will make your work tedious and time-consuming.