What is 5paisa? How 5paisa is different from other brokers?

What is 5paisa? How 5paisa is different from other brokers?

5paisa is India's fastest-growing Discount Broker and the first Publicly Listed online broking company. Ranking among the top 10 discount broking firms in the country. 5paisa enjoys strong backing by the IIFL, India's leading diversified financial services company. With a daily turnover of over 30,000 Cr+, we have over 450,000 clients and 3.5 Million+ app users.

5paisa is a DIY platform that offers all financial services like Equity Trading, Mutual funds investments, Insurance, Research Products, Commodity and Currency Trading, Digital Gold Investment, Robo Advisory and Personal Loans under one roof.
Our unbeatable features like cutting-edge trading platform, All-in-one account, Free Stock Recommendations and Innovative Pricing Plans have helped us become a preferred broker. These plans are designed both for traders, beginners and experienced investors.
Further, account opening at 5paisa is also free, and paperless, with no brokerage charges applicable. Unlike other broking firms, there are minimal AMC or DP charges at 5paisa. According to the SEBI guidelines, BSDA clients who hold more than 1 account across depositories irrespective of the holdings, Rs. 25 per month. + 18% GST AMC will be charged as AMC charges. And, on any transfer of shares from your Demat a/c or Unpaid Securities a/c or Margin a/c or Margin Funding a/c upon the selling of shares DP charges will be applied at Flat Rs. 12.50/-

For brokerage, all you need to pay is a flat fee of Rs. 20/- order for any segment (Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity) you trade. Let's say, you trade for Rs. 1,00,000 or Rs. 1 crore and we charge you a flat fee of Rs. 20 per order (Applicable from 01st January 2020)

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