How Long Does It Take to Get Approval for a Personal Loan? | 5paisa

How Long Does It Take to Get Approval for a Personal Loan?

Loans will be processed once the details of your application are verified and your bank mandate is sent to us for processing. Typically, the entire process can be completed within the same working day.

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    • What documents are required for the personal loan?

      Since you have already done a complete KYC at the time of opening an account with 5paisa, you do not require to provide any documents. In case, your current address is different from the one given to 5paisa at the time of account opening, you will ...
    • Can I prepay my personal loan?

      You can prepay your loans without any hassles. Following are the charges to prepay the loan: Lock in period for 1 year Foreclosure charges, after 1 year, 5% + GST applicable.
    • How to setup auto debit of my personal loan EMIs?

      Auto Debit of EMI can be setup by providing a Bank Mandate. This comes in the last stage of loan application where you can download the mandate, sign and upload a scan image for the mandate to be processed with your bank.
    • How Do I Pay My Personal Loan EMIs?

      Your monthly EMI’s will be deducted from your bank account selected by you at the time of loan application. Here, you will be able to choose from the accounts, that you have already mapped to your 5paisa trading account. EMI date will be 3rd of every ...
    • How long will it take to open account and start trading?

      Once you have submitted your KYC with Vested, it takes around 1-3 business days for your account to get approved. Post that, you can fund your account from your bank in India (or if you have another US brokerage/bank account, you may fund via that as ...