How long will it take to open account and start trading?

How long will it take to open account and start trading?

Once you have submitted your KYC with Vested, it takes around 1-3 business days for your account to get approved. Post that, you can fund your account from your bank in India (or if you have another US brokerage/bank account, you may fund via that as well). Once your funds are received, you can begin investing in the US stocks, ETFs and the custom portfolios.

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      Portfolio applies corporate action as per ex date. Hence, corporate action effect will start reflecting on your portfolio from ex date. However, shares may take time to get credited in your demat account. In some cases, shares are received within ...
    • Can I use same 5paisa account to trade in US stocks or I have to open a new account?

      You can use your existing 5paisa account although; you will need to open an account with our US investments partner Vested to start trading in the US stocks. To start please visit,  
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      If you do not have Aadhar or it is not linked with your Mobile number, do not worry. We have an Offline Account opening option as well. You need to follow the below procedure: Step 1: Complete Online Account Opening Process. Step 2: Once documents ...
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      If you are already have a trading and demat account with 5paisa, you do not have to bear any further charges for activation of MCX segment i.e. Commodities segment   If you wish to activate your commodity segment, we request you to process the same ...
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      This is to inform you about an important update in our Funds Payout Procedure i.e. Withdrawal of funds from your 5paisa Trading A/c to your Bank A/c. Effective from Monday, 12th Dec 2022 we will no longer be allowing the same day Pay-out of funds ...