How much can I save on DPC charges with MarginPlus Plan?

How much can I save on DPC charges with MarginPlus Plan?

Have a look at below example to see how much you can save on DPC with this plan.
Interest rate is assumed as 0.06% per day for calculation purpose.

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    • What are the Delayed Payment Charges?

      We charge 0.06% interest per day (21.90% p.a.) on debit balance. The charges are calculated on daily basis but posted in ledger on weekly basis. Charge Type Rate Delayed Payment Charges (DPC) 0.06% per day Understanding this in detail: Ledger balance ...
    • What charges are levied everytime I trade?

      Each time you trade there are few charges that will be levied basis the segment. Please note, if you have an active subscription/pricing plan then you will be charged lesser rates as per your plan. Note: 18% GST applicable on all the above charges ...
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      Subscription Charges for Sensibull: Product Subscription Plan Fees Sensibull Pro 1 month Rs. 970 + 18% GST Sensibull Pro 6 months Rs. 4,680 + 18% GST Brokerage charges will be the same i.e. flat fee Rs. 20 per trade (Applicable from 01st January, ...
    • Charges for MF pledge & Unpledge

      The above charges are exclusive of GST and shall be debited from your ledger account as and when you pledge or unpledge shares in your account.
    • What are turnover charges?

      Turnover charges are amount blocked during payout which accounts for 2% of total valuation based on client's position .