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How to Open Demat Account Offline

If you do not have Aadhar or it is not linked with your Mobile number, do not worry. We have Offline Account opening option as well. You need to follow below procedure:

Step 1: Complete Online Account Opening Process.

Step 2: Once documents are uploaded online, it will undergo for verification.

Step 3: On successful verification, you will receive soft copy of the Pre-filled form on your registered email ID. (In case of any rejection of document, you need to resubmit the same and clear the rejection)

Step 4: You need to take a print of the Pre-filled form along with 23 signatures and self attestation on all the documents.

Step 5: Courier the form to our Thane Office address or we can also arrange Pick up facility. To know more about courier address or Document Pick up Facility, CLICK HERE 

Step 6: Once the form reaches at our Registered Office, the same will be processed and account will be opened within 24 hours if documents are successfully verified.
Click here to open an A/c now,

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