How to place order from 5paisa + Trading view ( ?

How to place order from 5paisa + Trading view ( ?

Option 1: Open an order panel available on the right side menu with the icon of two arrows or Open with a shortcut key Shift + T and select Buy or Sell to place an order.

Option 2. Order can also be placed from Charts by clicking on Ask or Bid price available with Red and Blue box.

The order window will be opened from both Entry 1 and Entry 2. You can now proceed to place orders by following the below steps:
1. Select order type (Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit)
2. Select a side (Buy or Sell)
3. Enter quantity
4. Enter the desired price.
5. Select ‘Validity' and 'Product type’.
6. Click on the Buy/Sell box.

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