How to place request for physical delivery of Futures and Option position?

How to place request for physical delivery of Futures and Option position?

Path: Application >> Books >> Position >> Click on Open Position >> Mark to physical delivery 
This option is shown only on expiry day.

Starting from October 2019, settlement now involves giving or receiving actual shares.
Physical settlement is limited exclusively to stock derivatives, while index futures and index options are cash-settled.

Physical Settlement Obligation:

For Future Position
  1. Long futures result in buy positions (security receivable)
  2. Short futures result in sell positions (security deliverable)
For Option Positions
  1. Physical settlement applies only to stocks; index physical settlement is not offered by the exchange
In-the-Money Call Option:
  1. Long Call: Buy position - Security Receivable
  2. Short Call: Sell position - Security Deliverable
In-the-Money Put Option:
  1. Long Put: Sell position - Security Deliverable
  2. Short Put: Buy position - Security Receivable
Quantity for receipt/delivery = Market lot * Number of Contracts

Margin Collection:

Day (BOD)

Example days

Margin Applicable



10 % of Peak Margin



25 % of Peak Margin



45 % of Peak Margin



70 % of Peak Margin



100 % of Peak Margin

*E stands for expiration day 


  1. All open future positions
  2. On the expiry date, clients can opt for stock delivery by paying the contract value, with stocks provided on T+1.
  3. Physical settlement is not possible before the expiry date.
  4. On expiration day for physical settlement, the peak margin (VAR + ELM + Ad hoc) must be maintained.
  5. For option ITM buy position the margin collection is done by exchange in phase manner

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