How to trade from market depth (DOM) on

How to trade from market depth (DOM) on

Trading from the DOM (Depth of Market) on involves the following steps:

Access DOM: Go to and log in with your 5paisa credentials. Navigate to the trading platform, and find the DOM feature.

Select Instrument: Choose the financial instrument or security you want to trade. DOM typically displays the order book and price ladder for the selected instrument.

Place Order: Within the DOM interface, you can place orders directly by clicking on the price level you desire. Specify the order quantity and type (market, limit, etc.).

Review and Confirm: Before confirming the order, review the details to ensure accuracy. Confirm the order, and it will be submitted to the market.

Monitor Orders: Keep track of your orders and their status through the DOM interface. You may see your active orders, filled orders, or any pending orders.

Manage Positions: If your order gets executed, you'll see your position reflected in the DOM. Manage your positions, and set stop-loss or take-profit levels if needed.

Remember, the DOM provides real-time market depth and allows for quick order placement, making it a powerful tool for active traders. Familiarize yourself with the platform to make the most of the DOM feature.